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Creative golem creation

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I was thinking of creative ways of making golems beyond a summon spell or mud calling.

My first thought was like a ritual with a sacrifice for a blood golem. Then my second was an animate construct spell with the inanimate genus an the required amount of materials there for the golem to be created from. What are your thoughts on this feel free to post any of your creative golem creation ideas hereĀ 

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Along the lines of the ritual sacrifice, I could see a fire golem (or any kind, really) resulting from a death in the chosen element. For example, say there's an NPC that the Fated really connect with. Now let's say he/she dies in a fiery inferno. The Fated are upset that their friend is gone, when suddenly a fire golem stomps out of the flames and begins a rampaging quest for revenge against those who killed him/her in life.

Think of it like a cross between a Draugr and a Drowned. The Fated are just trying to keep up and point the golem away from innocent bystanders. Maybe Social/Wp checks of some sort to command it, rather than just a (1) action? If they fail, it goes charging into something, heedless of the consequences.

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