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I just bought a Lucius bundle from a friend. I'm not too mad that he comes with models that I can't really use - that's OK, that's to be expected with the new edition.

But the new box comes with only one "new" model, Agent 46. 

Is the only way to get the model and card to buy the new Lucius Box from M3E? I can't make it to GenCon to pick it up, and I already have 2 Lawyers. 

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Details of the program is going to come out in September. We don't know what exactly is going to be covered (The new sculpts of old models, do they count as old or new models is probably the biggest unknown).

Wyrd is at gencon at the moment, and will be dealing with that for most of the rest of the month.

The special ordering is going to last 1 year after the release of the box, so there isn't a huge rush for you.

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