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Dashel defeated Collodi ?!


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From Dashel's intro on the Malifaux Website: " What is known is Barker’s very public role in defeating the crazed puppeteer Collodi, saving countless lives in the process, inadvertently or otherwise. "

How the hell did the Guild worst henchman defeat one of the most powerful NB master?

I must have missed a piece of fluff or maybe it is in the Guild faction book.

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Very easy and simple explanation.. Lucius sent Dashel with a tonne of reinforcements to destroy the Peppeteer. 


Collodi shits on the Guild attack, murders Dashel, creates a human meatsack powered by Clockwork Gears, and now Lucius has hidden his friend and PIC in the Guild with a permanent part to play, get Guardsmen killed. 


Secretly, Lucius has been sending Collodi artefact locations discovered by McCabe in order to transfer his consciousness, whilst Collodi gained the meatworking knkwhow to turn himself into the now formidable, Dashel.


This proves the greatest Puppetmaster, is Lucius. 

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At this point Dashel's been awfully busy.  Broken Promise's One Room story mentions Dashel.  To quote Hoffman (page 16):


The good Captain Dashel has been involved in a very length court-martial hearing since the start of the month.  I very much doubt that Lucius' lawyers would let him out of their sight, much less stand by while he damaged Guild property.

followed by the speculation that Lucius set Dashel up to take the fall for previous events.

Disclaimer:  I completely forgot about that reference, and happened to listen to the most recent two Breachside Podcast episodes because it's the Guild break room story.

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5 hours ago, yool1981 said:

I just hope Collodi is not dead so he has a small chance of coming back one day (puppets are cool).

Wyrd says on their webpage that Collodi's fate will be revelead soon, so I expect him to come back with new card and title. Some people speculate that he will be among Explorer's Society masters (searching for his creator), which I don't find very persuasive, as he hardly fit the aesthetic of the faction. But who knows.

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"Searching for its creator" is probably a misstatement by someone somewhere.

I think the last (by real calendar) published story for Collodi is the Neverborn vignette in which it sets out to see if its creator left behind any workshops or journals.  (Ripples of Fate, page 109).  And that vignette even says "Its creator was surely dead, but there had to be a workshop or journal somewhere that could shed some light on these questions.  At the very least, Collodi might be able to find some of its creator's notes, which would help it with its own craftsmanship."

I just think it's "logistically implausible" for Collodi to end up in the Explorer's Society.  They'd have to do something like make it the 4th (after McCabe, Chiaki and whatever Genbu counts as) title bearing model so it gets a new card.  Because everybody else who's dual factioning into Explorer's Guild they've admitted as soon as the card is published.


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