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How do you personally roleplay the factions in Malifaux?

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A comment from another post sparked a thought, I'm curious how other FMs role-play members from Malifaux's factions; what base assumptions do use and what variations occur?

For me:

Guild: For your everyday guard, I tend to play them as friendly helpful police, but the further up the chain you go, the more nasty and vindictive they become.

Arcanists: I play these off as English gangsters, willing to have a giggle, charming as all hell but when it comes to business, the gloves are off.

Ten Thunders: Covert shadow ops are my go to, no one knows they exist, those that do are under the Thunder's thumbs and fully expendable if they betray them.

Gremlins: Southern American and a lot smarter than they act. 

Ressers: I choose a Tim Burton character or movie and see where it goes, how would Edward Scissorhands react to a rat infestation? How would Oogie Boogie handle a drug trade? 

How do you play the factions members in your own games?

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I try not to paint the factions in broad strokes because so many of each faction's members are so different.  Sonnia Criid is a very different person from Perdita Ortega, Toni Ironsides is a very different person from Colette DuBois, Seamus is a very different person from Molly, etc. 

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