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I did the Third Floor Wars podcast episode on Kaeris at the end of the beta.  You can find that here;


I'll post some additional thoughts to this thread in a bit. :) 

<EDIT> More of a write up...


Play style

The Wild Fire crew has a combination of speed and damage which makes them a powerful force on the table top.  Their pyre markers and speed are used to dictate the engagement, using burning and injured conditions to weaken the enemy so they're easy to pick off.

You're looking to skirmish around,  picking your fights, making the enemy waste actions chasing you, rather than going toe to toe with them.

You have good scheme denial as Kaeris, Carlos, Iggy, and the Golem can all remove scheme markers at range.


Using Pyres

Getting the most out of your pyres is important.  Generally you're looking to use pyres in two ways;

  • Disrupt the enemy, forcing them to move out of / around them, and pick up injured.
  • Power up your own team feeding them burning for; Flaming Body, and Blaze of Glory.

Kaeris will want to make Pyres every turn so decide which you want to use them for.  It's healthy for Kaeris and Elijah to be stood in pyres as often as possible.


Rough one line overview of models;

  • Kaeris - drop pyres and skirmish, don't be afraid to stone for tomes on her attack to drop more pyres. Try to keep out of melee.
  • Carlos - runs objectives efficiently.
  • The Firestarter - worse than a Wind Gamin in most circumstances. In Turf War makes enemy that burn to death turn off the strategy markers.
  • Iggy - His aura is nuts with pyres, an enemy who touches a pyre during a charge can be pushed out of melee before they get to hit.
  • Elijah - Solid defensive hitting. Immolate makes burning more threatening. Sometimes lacks speed.
  • Fire Golem - Very tanky, mobile, and hits hard, so long as your opponent doesn't have condition removal.
  • The Firebranded - Garbage.
  • Fire Gamin - Tooled up with burning they can be tough to shift and make great little annoyance pieces. 

Versatile / OOK:

  • Soulstone Miner - amazing flexibility; objectives, and harassment plus refunds his cost steadily to your cache.
  • Wind Gamin - great way to run objectives
  • Steam Arachnid Swarm - great, flexible hitting power 
  • Blessed of December - Like a wind gamin that can carry two bombs, and do some fighting.
  • Silent One - Healing and further area denial / long range pinging. Great for Vendetta.


Random things to remember

  • Charging generates two hazardous terrain hits.
  • Smolder trigger (Kaeris / Elijah) ; Target has to be on fire before the effects of the action to declare the trigger.
  • Smolder damage is separate to attack damage; good vs Armor, bad vs Incorporeal.
  • Models killed by burning count for Reckoning but not Dig their Graves or Turf War.
  • Created markers can be placed touching the model that created them for extra burning.


And don't be afraid to be on fire...




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7 minutes ago, Carstein said:

If an ability as Incorporal ignores hazardous terrain, will it completely ignore the pyre markers- including the burning and injured? 

By default, yes. Incorporeal models are unaffected by Hazardous Terrain, which Pyre Markers are. However...

Kaeris has this fun little ability:

"Third-Degree Bruns:

If this model is this Crew's Leader, enemy models treat Pyre Markers as Hazardous (Injured +1) in addition to any other Hazardous effects, and are never considered unaffeceted by a Pyre Marker's Hazardous Trait."

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I actually found firebranded to be quite useful, they can work as healers which is great as well as having a decent ranged game with their elemental bolts. Overall I always bring one with magical training.

Elijah is a melee beast, the main issue with him is that his movility isn't all that great and it is vital to remenber to put him on fire before attacking. I've also found that kaeris can be a very efficient killer thanks to run and gun.

Overall my main issue with this crew has been making sure everybody is burning from turn 1 and not being rosted alive. The fact that most of the models are not inmune to fire damage make this crew a crew pretty much based on risk management, which is not my specialty

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Can we drop pyres into base to base with opponents? Kaeris' card states anywhere within 12" also do they have to be completely within 12" or can the one edge be 12" away and the other side further away?

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Kaeris creates markers rather than dropping markers, which matters because the rules for markers uses those 2 terms as different things. See page 28 of the electronic rules.

Because it is created it can't be in base contact with another model.

As far as I can see as long as part of the marker is within 12" it is range.

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