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Has there been any information about the  addition of the other factions featured in the back of the core book? Im really enjoying this game and I am very curious as to how the guild will work and operate in the Other side.

my search fu is weak i admit so if there is already information posted about it.  Please just point me in the right direction! 

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We don't know a whole lot, unfortunately. 

For Guild and Court of Two, we know there is a 2 player started box coming soon that is Sonnia vs Kirai for some cool Malifaux crossover. From the newsletter that came out this week, the starter will come out some time after Gen Con (4th quarter of the year is what they said, specifically). Rules wise, you could look at Bihn and Thrace (and their Envoy cards) to get an idea of how those factions might play. 

For Kimon, Three Kingdoms, and the Sandmen, all we know is that they exist. Fingers crossed for some news on those soon!

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