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Reviving the Memphis (TN) Meta


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Hey guys! 
The launch of M3e sparked some life back into our community in Memphis. We're currently dragging in both old and new players from the League of Extraordinary Gamers facebook group, so I thought I'd shout something in here just in case some of our local gamers don't frequent Facebook or the specific group.

Currently speaking to our old Henchman to see if he's up for taking up the job again. 

If you're living anywhere near Memphis and you're interested, I'd be happy to demo and help you get started!

Update: A dedicated wargaming store (The War Room) is opening next week. While the owner is struggling to place orders with Alliance, there's an increasing group of people getting ready to hit those tables and play Malifaux!

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So far it's about 8-10 people getting back in, I'll let you know how things develop. Biggest obstacle right now is people wanting physical cards and the stores (Both the Cellar and War Room) being unable to order/pre-order from Alliance. 

Everyone understands it's temporary though. 

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