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Converted Witchling Thralls

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I was a big player waaay back in first/first and half editions of the game, never really got into second ed. But, with the coming of third, I went through my collection and literally dusted things off to get back in the game.

One thing I noticed however, was that having six witchling stalkers left me unable to use all of them at once, and I also happened to notice these new Witchling Thralls, which I don't like the look of. A proper witchling wears a hood and is likely all kinds of hidieous under that, so my crew simply cannot abide the new models.

So I did what anyone with too many Witchling Stalkers, spare Union Miners, and far more patience than I thought would be required, and shoved them into a transformation circle and threw in some modeling putty for good measure (you'll notice my . . . lack of skill when it comes to the stuff).

I'm fairly pleased with how they are shaping up, not entirely mind you, the chains still need a lot of work, but I'd say they're approaching the old table top quality I aim for.

Comments welcome.

IMG_20190702_205624 (2).jpg



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