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M3e Mei Feng Tactica

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1 hour ago, Stumpyfjord said:

That’s a really good point about the DPS efficiency. One of the skill points I think I need to improve on with the crew is over-reliance on RtRs and losing the AP/DPS efficiency of charging.

The focus also helps relieve some of the hand pressure I feel the crew struggles with overall. I’ve thought about plus flips improving “dependability” of too deck flipping but hadn’t pushed that to Focus use (which is pretty obvious once it comes to mind).

I’ve taken Claim Jump in him before for the reason you list with decent effect.

I think the hold-up for me is the Cost 9 for often standing still/low contribution. Maybe I should restructure the thought as 

“How much would you pay for a support piece that drops 7-10 focus a game for two cards?” and then judge the rest of his personal output against the residual Real Cost minus Made-up cost for focus spam.

Also just use him better through the game.



Yea, pulsing out focus is how Kang is action efficent, for the cost of a card turn one you generate the equivalent of around 5 AP. 

Another good way to think about Kang is what that Focus allows you to kill or what rules it breaks.

So if pulsing focus onto 2 Railworkers results in you killing an 8ss enforcer, you can thank Kang for that.

Dont forget that Mei Feng is a blaster in a Focus stacking crew. Because she has Breath of Fire Focus is disproportionately effective on her, especially because of Press the Advtantage making it super important to win the inital flip.

Finally, this is a faction with Deisel Engine. I already think the Foundry are uniquely suited to fighting Ressers, but stacking Focus with Deisel Engine is a great way to get around HtW. In this way, the Metal Golem gets a double positive to its attack and a double positive to its damage flip, on a model with a 3/4/6 damage track... 

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