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Expanding CotBM beyond the Allegiance Box

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 So with the big boom in interest in Malifaux at my locals theres also been enough people picking up the TOS boxes that have been sitting on the shelves for a while. I've decided to pick up the CotBM box and the rulebook but i'm wondering what to pick up with it. I've heard the Immolated Rhino is monstrously out pacing everything else but also some good stuff about getting a Breachling or two.


But whats the opinions from the people with more experience under their belt. We have plenty of "Get this crew>then this model for sure>this model maybe>this model never" for the factions and keywords in Malifaux going around but whats the similar opinion for expanding past the starter boxes here? 

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This should really be in the Cult subforum.

I'm a big fan of Fenton, 2 units of Twisted Horrors, and a unit of Broken as the core of my lists, but I prefer Fenton as a Commander over Adeodatos playstyle-wise personally.

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