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ECB have insane (ie totally broken) capacity as attacker in Supply Cache, but yeah against Abyssinia they are amazing. Engineers and Prototypes each count as assets, which means you'll end up with +1 or +2 Str against almost all of them. They also make taking Morphlings rather interesting as that shot can then come from so many fronts. I find they also help counter many titan killers, protecting horo.

Not tried Doomseekers with them, worried about hurting my own with the area attacks. But the translocation ritual is of course really potent adding additional mobility which is always important.

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Black Ops pretty much, your biggest weakpoint with the Gibbering Hordes is you don't really have a heavy hitter without set up, the Black Ops bring that in spades. The rest of the units I just don't know enough. Warped seem solid, though you already have a lot of Melee and the ones that activate twice if you blow through the Deck seem like a hard sell since you don't have a reliable way to eat through the deck. Doomseekers no idea, but if you feel you need more pushes then they certainly help.

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