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2nd Annual Battle for the Bay Tournament


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Join us at Dragon's Roost for our 2nd annual Battle for the Bay 50ss Tournament July 20th, 2019! This will be our first official M3E tournament here at Dragon’s Roost. Come get your warm up for Gen Con!


Dragon's Roost Coffee and Games

6600 W. Sylvania Ave, STE 3C, Sylvania, Ohio 43560

Entry Fee: $10 
Tournament awards will include: Top 3 competitors, Best Painted Crew, Wooden Spoon 

Tournament Schedule: 
- 12:30-1:00 Player Registration 
- 1:00-3:00 Round 1
- 3:15- 5:15 Round 2 
- 5:15- 6:15 Dinner Break
- 6:15- 8:15 Round 3
- 8:30- 9:00 Awards Round 
Time Limit: 120 minutes • 

Round 1 – Plant Explosives, Corner Deployment 3 Harness the Ley Line
8 Power Ritual
11 Deliver a Message
12 Claim Jump
13 Vendetta

Round 2 – Reconing, Standard Deployment 2 Breakthrough
6 Hold Up Their Forces
7 Take Prisoner
9 Outflank

Round 3 – Turf War, Wedge Deployment 1 Detonate Charges
5 Dig Their Graves
8 Power Ritual
10 Assassinate
11 Deliver a Message

Player Responsibility: 
Players are responsible for providing: 
•Models for their Crew(s)
•The rulebook and official Wyrd Stat Cards 
•A Fate Deck (one with Malifaux Suits) 
•A measuring tape 
•Appropriate Counters/Markers/Tokens 

Painting Rules: Part of a miniature game is the hobby aspect, and we aim to promote that in official Malifaux tournaments. Painted models are required for play. Players will have a wide range of individual skill, and there is, therefore, a considerable amount of leeway to this rule. There is no guideline or painting rubric, rather the player is simply expected to put in some effort. Bare models or those with just primer are not allowed. Models made from non-gray plastic may be unpainted, as paint would defeat the translucent or day-glow effect. Note: This rule is not meant to exclude inexperienced painters from playing, it is simply an expectation that players are making an effort. 
Stat and Upgrade Cards: Players must physically possess the official up-to-date stat card for each individual model hired or summoned into play and each individual upgrade attached to a model. The cards may be photo-copied from the book or printed from an official digital release (such as with cards that have official errata).


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