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Reinforced Assault Shield

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I'm having a hard time understanding when I have to discard this upgrade.

It says: "After the value of this model's Shielded Condition is reduced to 0 during the Activation Phase, discard this Upgrade"

but reading in the rules the activation phase, nothing makes me think that the value reach 0. In the "conditions" section it says that the condition is ended during the End phase. In the upgrade card it says that the shielded condition is activated on the start phase...


So I don't get it (the discard part). You put the upgrade, it gains shielded +2... during an enemy activation, it gets hit twice so it reach 0, but during an enemy activation. Turn ends, so shielded is reduced (even if it didn't reach 0 during the turn), next turn start and is up to shielded +2 again...

What am I misunderstanding?

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