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Last list you played: Outcast edition

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17 hours ago, Zebo said:

For which was this combination done? You drawed cards from the Scout Killing, or was for the This Will Fetch a High Price? 

More for hard to kill and the bounties. I usually get at least one bounty out of it (killed widow weaver) but since he was my martyrs target I wanted to keep him alive or make my opponent work to kill him

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Played a game of Von Schill vs Kaeris today. 

Strategy: Public Enemies

My Schemes: Hidden Martyrs, Sabotage

Opponent's Schemes: Sabotage, Research Mission

My Crew:

Von Schill + Steam Trunk

Hannah Lovelace

Arik Schöttemer

F. Engineer

Drachen Trooper (SotDP) - Martyr#1

Freikorpsmann (Soldier for Hire) Martyr#2

SS Pool: 7  End Score: 4-3

Could've been 4-2, but I geeded out for a second VP from Martyrs, ending up hurting Kaeris one damage too much, trying to throw her towards my Drachen Trooper. 

Notable moments:

1) A burning Steam Trunk rocket-jumping towards Vasquez and a Fire Gamin, switching out for Mines and exploding at the end of the turn with 4 damage. My opponent would've gotten the last Bounty he needed for VP, but all witnesses died with the Trunk. We agreed that Hannah shouldn't get credit for the victims of the explosion, so I lost some Bounties there. 

2) Arik forcing 5 models to fail duels against his powered-up grenades and beating the hell out of The Captain and an Oxfordian Mage on the third and fourth turns.

3) Von Schill making his way through half of the table to deny the first VP from Sabotage and surviving long enough to only allow one VP from it. 

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Recover Evidence


Let them Bleed
Spread them out
Catch and release

Parker Barrows
Doc Mitchels
Mad Dog Bracket
2 convict gunslinger
Hodgepodge Effigy
+ effigy of fate

On Vassal, trading post. Against a Nekima crew. My opponent was to... shy? So It was a great list to kill every opponent.



To be honnest, it's a good list. Maybe one gunslinger or the bandido can be changed but for now... a lot of healing, great damage dealing... great range. Ok not the more resilient models but with the healing...

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Deployment: Corner

Strategy: Corrupted Leylines

Schemes: Breakthrough, Vendetta, Sabotage, Spread them Out, Let Them Bleed

Copy of Viks Crew (Outcasts)
Size: 50 - Pool: 5
  Viktoria Chambers
  Viktoria Chambers 2
  Mad Dog Brackett
  Ashes and Dust
  Student of Conflict
  Ronin 2

Kind of a weird scheme pool, but I was able to complete my game plan very well in it. My idea was to spread out and take the flanks very quickly. The Viks took the left flank, and Ashes and Dust took the right flank. Hans provided much needed cover fire, while the Ronin and the Student completed the strat, and Mad Dog held the center point. 

Ashes and Dust’s job was to simply tie up my opponent, then die swinging, and have Dust Storm start scoring Breakthrough. Which worked swimmingly! Ashes was able to take down my opponent’s Dawn Serpent (thanks to a severe from Hans), then died to Misaki. 

The Viks functioned mainly as scheme runners the first 2 turns and got me a point for Spread Them Out before ganging up on Fuhatsu and killing him T3. Then one Vik killed a Tanuki and they both finished the Breakthrough End scoring condition. So 3/5 turns the Viks were very expensive scheme runners (well, they’re free, but... expensive... ?). 

I took Mad Dog because my opponent was playing Misaki and I had great success one game with the Blown Apart markers limiting her mobility greatly. But now I’m thinking that game might have been a fluke. I don’t know that the 11 stones is worth it OOK for Mad Dog to mainly remove Shadow markers. I mean I expected Fuhatsu so the armor ignore is nice, but meh, not worth. 

The Ronin were freakin sweet at Corrupted Leylines with all their pushes. So easy! Student was nice to just keep Hans fast most every turn. Hans put in some serious work.

On turn 4 Hans double walked and shot the Torakage (had to get within stealth range) and flipped the RJ on damage killing it out right and negating a strategy point for my opponent, which he would be unable to score after that.

OH! Finally, the Ronin did a badass Lodestone bounce on T5 to score me my 4th strat point. My opponent blocked the Ronin with the stone’s path to the final Leyline. So the Dust Storm ran to the Leyline, Hans and Student ran to my deployment zone, then the Ronin w/Lodestone sacrificed herself, bouncing it to the other Ronin, who then sacrificed herself, bouncing it to the Dust Storm - who scored! THE DUNK! Lol, that is all. Thanks! 


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Played corrupted leylines vs McCabe last night with Leveticus.

my crew was Levi with SDP, 2 waifs, Alyce, Ashes and dust with SDP, scavenger, 2 necro punks and Marlene

Ended up a 7 all draw. Was my first game as an outcast and I loved Levi. With more experience I think I do better. Where I was out was in some positioning and knowing who to activate etc. Ashes got me 3 strat points as well as helping the necropunks gets all my points for breakthrough and spread them out. I can’t wait to play some more Levi!

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