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38 minutes ago, SuperFly TNT said:

Von Schill vs. Rasputina in Reckoning

  • Von Schill
  • Steam Trunk
  • Arik
  • Lazarus
  • Friekorps Librarian
  • Friekorps Scout
  • Friekorpsmann
  • The Midnight Stalker

Went with Search the Ruins and Vendetta (Scout vs. December Acolyte)

Various Game Notes and Thoughts:

  • Have tried multiple Friekorpsmann but one is probably enough if you are planning to use the Reinforced Shield trick to keep a second equipment. Having the second Reinforced Shield on Arik or Von Schill seems a better use. than another Friekorpsmann. Combo withRocket Launcher is okay on them but I think I like the Rocket Boots better. Gives a pretty good mobile scheme runner.
  • Arik took down Ice Golem pretty easy with Charged Fists and armor piercing trigger. Need to remember that he is a Henchmen now and only started using stones for the trigger on the 2nd attack. Shield equipment made him pretty tough and denied my opponent any Vendetta points as he was the target. What damage did get through was healed.
  • Von Schill spent a lot of actions attaching equipment to move my models outside of Ice pillar range. Combined with Librarian's Consolidate Power impact of Ice Pillars was limited.
  • Still not getting the most out of Steam Trunk. I think the ideal combo is Rocket Launcher >Mine Field>Rocket Launcher if you have the card to discard and don't need one of it's other Bonus Actions.

Were you not tempted to tech in Mad Dog for ice pillar removal? 

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 I played a hamelin game and I must say I rather like it.. once I figured it out lol here is my list, the game, and my thoughts on hamelins crew in m3e:

Strategy: reckoning
dig their graves
Deliver a message
Claim jump 
Power Ritual 

Hamelin + 4stones 
3x stolen
2x winged plague
Rat king +servant of dark powers
Midnight stalker
*dig their graves &leyline*

TT Jacob Lynch +4stones
Hench lady (don’t remember name)
2x illuminated 
2x beckoners 
I don’t know what upgrade where.
Took leyline and power ritual 

So deployment I misled him and he moved first turn to the far side of the board and I moved the opposite. Hamelin caused a great deal of movement. We screwed a ton up, with me mistaking a lot of stats (old numbers in memory from 2e). 

This crew is freaky fast.. holy crap.. there are multiple triggers and abilities to send vermin pushing all around. Turn on Hamelin caused all vermin in (6) to push three then action.. got a lot of 8” of movement that way, and that’s after the rat king got the 6” from servant. Then getting fast from the stolen... this crew has a high amount of unconventional movement and can shift gears very fast.
Early, had to lure and start building up blight. Once the game got going blight came easy and was devastating. 
It’s a lategame crew that does schemes very well and still can kill. 

Hamelin is the main beater. Able to inflict injured is massive. Add in his bleeding stat of 7 and it’s brutal. His other tricks are also great for positioning and resources.
Nix is a great aoe brawler, but not super durable. It’s easy to get him around and do some damage. I preferred him to either stack blight or go for the kill. His damage is secondary
Wretch didn’t do anything for me but my opponent looked at me funny for literally suiciding her. She was meh.. rather another rat king
Benny was useless... he isn’t a summoning machine but rather a scheme marker counter. If you need lot of scheme markers later game you can use him to kill your rats to create them or eat enemy scheme markers. Will keep as an audible against crews i know will be using scheme markers for heir abilities.
Stolen are surprisingly dangerous and good models to use to give fast to rat Kings. 
Speaking of which.. what in the unholy name is this thing.. it’s not a damage bagillion.. but it is super fast, good damage, can cause slow, can eat schem markers. And if it gets to low you can get a ratcatcher. Mine never died as it had servant on it. Super scary model you can’t pin down unless surrounded. 
Winged plague proved good disruption and decent schemers. They die fast but that’s ok as long as they die in range to spread blight. Good as 1-2
Rats.. you can’t get as many as easily anymore. They don’t help either activations.. they can’t do much damage or even spread blight well. They have nich synergies with Benny but where these shine is as fodder for abilities that kill models (there are a lot in this crew) and many allow demise triggers. Use them as a resource.

Overall this is a slow to build momentum but can do so much mid-late game. Use mobility to keep opponents off guard. Hamelin is the core of your positioning so keep stolen in smart positions and stones in range. 

I like the stalker in the crew as either scheme runner, a runner hunter, or as a setup for certain doom on a model (adversary for bleeding disease. Might also try barbaros as a tank)

Power level won’t be as high but this crew might be annoying to play against.. especially if Hamelin gets a rat king to push, charge, onslaught 😬👍

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Played against Ulix.

Strategy: Turf War

Schemes: Dig Their Graves, Lay Line, Search the Ruins, Deliver a Message and Breakthrough

I choose Search and Deliver and my opponent choose Lay Line and Dig. It ended 6-4 to me.

  • Zipp
  • Earl Burnes
  • First Mate
  • Arik
  • Emissary
  • Iron Skeeter
  • Prospector
  • 7 ss cache

Thoughts: Zipp just causes so much disruption. I activated him first on all turns but the first one and dropped pianos and made sure he were triggering WP duels. Since I constantly had pass tokens I could use them both for winning the initiative and usually also had enough so that I did not have to use my cards to get extra pianos. Since the scheme pool were marker heavy I also got a lot of card draw with the First Mate and Earl Burnes running around removing markers. Arik was only there for the availability he brings, also being able to push models away from turf war markers and then claiming them worked great.

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Played my first Parker game with the following list: 


-servant of the dark powers

Doc Mitchell

Mad Dog Brackett

Hodgepodge Emissary

Convict gunslinger

-servant of the dark powers



Malifaux Child

I don't think it is the most efficient build, but I wanted to try out a few things. I won 5-4 versus a friend playing his first game of Hamelin. Hamelin's damage early was much better than I gave it credit for. I wanted to blast into his crew with mad dog but he used Hamelin's life to stick mad dog in melee and give him a ton of blight. The Hamelin aura of no triggers was very good. The obedient wretch is very good. Not being able to cheat against it, stealth, and manipulative.

I forgot a lot of effects in the bandit crew and wasted some of my own activations. I only got one activation out of my convict gunslinger. It was a good learning experience though. Movement in Parker's crew was super efficient (of course) with run and gun. I really enjoyed Parker's ability to make crew members interact when he shoots someone (for a card). Overall, a really fun crew that I'll be playing in the future. 

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Played Zipp vs Rasputina

Corrupted Idols, Flank

Breakthrough, Hold Up Their Forces, Dig Their Graves, Power Ritual, Outflank.

I picked Breakthrough & Hold Up Their Forces; he took Hold Up Their Forces & Dig Their Graves.

Zipp, Malifaux Child, Midnight Stalker, 2 Iron Skeeters, 3 Flying Piglets, Merris, Earl.

Rasputina, Wendigo, 2 Ice Gaimen, Blessed, 2 of the guys with the spear guns, 2 Horecat Prides, and some other guy who makes pillars too (I don't know this crew well).


I easily got to the first 2 markers from Corrupted Idols on both corners of the table on turn 2, as well as both Scheme points thanks to Fly With Me from both Skeeters on the Midnight Stalker on the left corner and Piglets on the right, putting me up 3-0 on turn 2.  I had inadvertently foiled Dig Their Graves upon crew selection because I wasn't doing a lot of killing with this crew and nothing dropped corpse markers due to my Demise abilities, so there wasn't a corpse market on the table until turn 4.

I got sloppy at the end, overconfidence, and gave up Hold Up Their Forces with Zipp and moved piglet out of position so I didn't get my last Hold up Their Forces point.  He rallied the best he could, but was still 4-5 win for me.

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7 hours ago, psychogeek said:

Do you think rocket launcher was enough to deal with the pillars? Or would the flame thrower freikorp be good to add?

I had a game versus Raspy with Von Schill, completely forgot about Blow it to Hell and the  pillars weren't a big deal. VS can move guys out of range with the Push from equipping and Librarian can Consolidate Power.  

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Played Hamelin into arcanists Marcus.

turf war

leyline, detonate explosives, assassinate, vendetta, search the ruins.


3x stolen



winged plague

2x ratkings with servant of dark powers

midnight stalker

7 stones 

Opponent had





slate ridge mauler 




2upgrades idk which 


i took vendetta (ratking into Cerberus) and search ruins.

he took assassinate and detonate explosives

i scored vendetta for one point but rat king died. Scored search ruins for 1 and was about to score again before we called game (store closed for the night). I scored turn 2&3 for turf war

opponent scores first point for assassinate, 0 for plant explosives and I denied his turn 3 scoring. 

Winged plague aren’t very good in a matchup as mobile as Marcus.  But was a good suicide bomb turn one. Got the blight started. Beasts have low WP so the servant was brutal particularly later in the turn when hand was low (kept the bear near useless). Hamelins ability to shut down triggers was invaluable this game and the stolen did work with vomiting disease (killed Miranda).

instead of winged plague, into fast crews will likely take a prospector. But the 4-point blight bomb isn’t bad if you get multiple models. Still might take if only for that

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Von schill into dreamer

Turf war, standard deployment 

detonate explosives, search the ruins, assassinate, leyline hold their forces  

von schill 

steam trunk 


freikorpsman w/soldier for hire




i picked badly for schemes  (or at least played badly). Assassinate and detonate 



2 stitched


2 daydream

Insidious madness 

Search the ruins and detonate. 

First time playing the crew for me and my opponents first m3e game. I played horrid. So much is going on with the freikorps that it was info overload. My opponent hired inefficiently but was slowly out positioning me due to my own mistakes. We didn’t get to finish but long term I don’t think I would have won if only due to not playing my schemes right.


freikorps are a lot of fun and actually countered a lot of what the dreamer does, but unfortunately I did not position well and I spent way to much ap handing out upgrades. I essentially didn’t move hardly anything turn 1-2 which wasn’t hurting me in the beginning but was causing me to fall behind otherwise.

i need more time with this crew as it has so much tactical depth. It plays like an organized military, but doesn’t like to spread out terribly much.

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Von Schill vs Misaki

Turf War, Hold Up Their Forces, Harness the Leyline, Claim Jump, Vendetta, Detonate Charges

Steam Trunk

2x Librarians w/ Wanted Criminal




2x Freikorpsmann

Won 6-2.

Idea was to try and maximize card draw with 2 Librarians and get some ancillary draw from Appraise and Protection Money. Wanted Criminal seemed like a good idea for the focus and also for providing an engagement range. 


Librarians are amazing, though siphoning too much power is scary. Wanted Criminal is pretty decent on them.

I think the Scout is intended to be a scheme runner/ anti-scheme runner. He seems to die very fast otherwise. He did nothing this game, though a Misaki that only flips severe on damage flips will do that...

Engineer did nothing. Needs more testing.

Steam Trunk died first. :(

I think my wife will kill the Prospector first every game. I enjoy yelling APPRAISE! 

I absolutely love the Freikorps. They have so much movement now and I enjoy the tactical options Von Schill’s equipment provides. Next time I intend to supercharge a Freikorpsmann, or two, or a Drache Trooper and see what happens.

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Played my first ever game of jack daw and it was vs Lynch

Turf War, corner deployment, assassinate, deliver message, power Ritual, dig their graves, outflank.

I took:

daw w/servant



2 hanged

2 guilty

dead outlaw

this game was a very one sided game. I didn’t expect it to be as mobile as it is and I was on lynch turn two. Between ligea aura, hanged, staggered, my opponent did not have fun (it was very obv)

i denied strategy points turn 3&4 while scoring full points from assassinate, possibly the strat, and highly likely dig their graves (lots of corpses and lots of free to move and interact models).


this crew is very frustrating for the opponent and can be very npe.. but the sadistic part of it all is so fun! Loved the crew and will be playing it again

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51 minutes ago, psychogeek said:

this crew is very frustrating for the opponent and can be very npe.. but the sadistic part of it all is so fun! Loved the crew and will be playing it again

As a tip for your opponent: Ruthless and ping damage (1 damage hits from things like blade rush, burning/poison, black blood, blasts) can be infuriating for Jack! Your opponent should be also pressuring Jack so that you're both discarding cards, otherwise only one of you gets to have a control hand :}

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Parker Barrows vs The Viks (50ss)

Reckoning, Wedge Deployment
Detonate Charges, Search the Ruins, Outflank, Assassinate

My List:
Parker Barrows
Doc Mitchell
Mad Dog Bracket
Malifaux Child

Convict Gunslinger

My Rival:
Big Jake

Ended up 6-2 to my side
I chose Search the ruins (scored 2 VP) and Assassinate (Scored 1 VP).
He chose Assassinate (0 VP) and Outflank (1 VP)

My friend is starting to play (I am new too, but with all the demos I've been doing at my club at least I understand the rules pretty well) so I lent him my viks so he can start practicing (he is gonna run Justice as his first band).

The game was really one sided, as he could get charges but with all the :maskQuick Getaways and the doc's ability to fuck up his charges, he was not able to do much damage, I think this is probably a very bad matchup for the Viks anyway. 

I even draw almost all the high masks :maskof my deck one turn (the gunslinger shot 6 times), that one was specially harmful to watch 🙈

I'd probably drop the child and keep the 3 ss if I had to change something.

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3 minutes ago, Jesy Blue said:

What gunslinger?

And why Barbaros?

Oh, forgot to add the convict Gunslinger to the list, edited, ty.

I chose barbaros to have someone that could stand a beating, he survived one turn to the viks so in hindsight I could exchange him for a wokou or something and save 1ss 

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My list:

  • Parker
    • Wanted Criminal
  • Mad Dog
  • Doc Mitchell
  • Sue
  • Convict Gunslinger
    • Soldier for Hire
  • Hodgepodge Emissary
  • Bandido
  • Prospector
  • 0ss
  • Schemes:
    • Dig their graves
    • Search the ruins

My opponent:

  • Titania
  • Aeslin
  • Emissary
  • Gorar
  • Autumn Knight
  • Autumn Knight
  • Waldgeist
  • Waldgeist
  • 6ss
  • Schemes:
    • Hold up their forces
    • Deliver a message

Strategy: Reckoning

My opponent conceded early, since I managed to kill the Emissary at turn 2 (which came back with Gorar, but way further away from the action) and Titania in my first activation of turn 3.

I got quite lucky and managed to go up to 6ss in turn 2. I also avoided the attack from her Emissary in turn one with the trigger to give Slow in  pulse, which would really screw me quite bad (she would had been able to put slow in 5 of my models). She also got very unlucky with the flips, specially with the Challenge from the Autumn Knights, that didn't work out a single time, allowing me to blow up Titania with Mad Dog + Sue + Gunslinger, (13 of Rams for Sue in the attack for a medium damage of 5 was quite good :P)


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2 minutes ago, Jesy Blue said:

Maybe it's just me... but all y'all coming in with 0 Soul Stones and a Prospector.

I just can't do it!  Too much of a risk in my eyes.

I understand how it can be justified, but I think I would still like a couple. Prospector can generate stones and one good turn with Parker can give you a couple stones (or more if you're lucky). I see it as risky but the payoff of having that many stones worth of models in your crew and still getting a cache through use of abilities is pretty good. 

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