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UK Nationals - 9/10th November 2019

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It's back, and hopefully bigger and better than ever. Same great venue and format as last year.

7 rounds of 50SS fixed faction M3E over 2 days, with no doubt some socialising in between. Venue has good facilities and plenty of space for gaming. Plenty of local accommodation.

Venue: PERA Business Park, Melton Mowbray, UK

Date: Sat/Sun 9/10th November, with set up on Friday.

Rulespack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4vctx09en4vuyg/Rules Pack - UK Nationals 19.pdf?dl=0

Tickets are just £35: https://paypal.me/henchman/35


  1. Emma Newnham
  2. Alyx Drake
  3. Maria Wieland
  4. Chou (Gustavo Castro Uson) - Spain
  5. Peter Sidaway
  6. Felix Porras - Spain
  7. Moises Ronda - Spain
  8. Nick Pratt
  9. Steve Johnston
  10. Andre Killing - Germany
  11. Florian Feltrup - Germany
  12. Nino Beck - Germany
  13. Tobias Troeger
  14. Bert Diamond
  15. James Doxey
  16. Dan Brown
  17. Arran Jones
  18. Richard Walters
  19. Declan Larcombe
  20. Radek Bry
  21. Daniel Arroyo Soleto - Spain
  22. Roberto Cabañas - Spain
  23. Gonzalo Ramos - Spain
  24. Kevin Gillett
  25. Carl Lee
  26. Matt Cole
  27. Paul Symes
  28. George Hollingdale
  29. Matt Lewin
  30. Jamie Varney
  31. Aidan Kirk
  32. A J Barr
  33. Craig Colley
  34. Dan Humpage
  35. Kian Humpage
  36. Paul Butler
  37. Luke Athiko
  38. Oz Goff
  39. Stef McGlen
  40. Luke Withrow
  41. Grant Dickenson
  42. Rob Owens
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Paid  up  One of my favourite events of last year .but don’t think I do the seven master challenge this year . 🤔or will

i ? 

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13 hours ago, Chou said:

Quick question here, will DMH's models be allowed in the tournament? 

Not decided yet. Will depend on GG19 and also whether they are balanced or not.

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no compared to zoraida - she can obey 1 model twice if she hits the trigger -collodi can obey the same model 3 times whilst damaging them, imagine that in cursed idols - take damage from collodi, throw the idol, take damage from collodi, move, take damage from collidi, throw the idol and die. 
I say this as a collodi player that hes not balanced and so DMH should not be allowed

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A decision will be made on any restrictions once M3E is in the wild and we all have a few tournaments under our belts.

My first aim is to increase ticket sales to a viable level and make this a good an event as possible.

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18 hours ago, Linar said:

It seems that there is fear of the third edition. This year there are fewer people than other years.

Yes, but once M3E is out there, and people have games under their belts, I'm confident numbers will double.

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