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Order of Multiple Duels

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When multiple models have to take a duel due to something like a shockwave, who decides the order that these things happen in? I think I found the answer but want to consult the hive mind. For reference, from Pg. 34


Simultaneous Effects
Occasionally, an effect will generate multiple effects
that occur at the same time. If this happens, they are
resolved in the following order:
1. The Active player (or the player with Initiative,
if there is no Active player) chooses one of their
models with one or more unresolved effects and
resolves those effects in whatever order they
wish. Then, that player chooses another of their
models with unresolved effects and resolves
those effects in the same way, continuing in this
manner until the player no longer has models
with unresolved effects. When an effect resolves,
the entire effect resolves (even if it also affects a
model controlled by the non-Active player).
2. The non-Active player resolves any unresolved
effects affecting their models, as described
3. Any remaining unresolved effects are resolved
in an order determined by the Active player (or
the player with Initiative, if there is no Active

Here is my understanding. If the model who generated the shockwave (making its controller the Active Player) hit any friendly models, those models resolve the duels in any order chosen by the Active Player. Once that is done, the non-Active player resolves duels for a model in an order that the non-Active Player chooses.

The underlined portion is important. Which player picks the order can be very important when it comes to cheating fate, or in the case of my game the other day, deciding who is going to use Misery when. I was on the receiving end of a shockwave from Pandora, and decided to resolve the duels first with models I don't care about to bait out Misery. If the Active player always gets to decide, that makes a big difference. Am I correct on how this works?

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38 minutes ago, Mycellanious said:

Really? Everyone I played with just had the active player choose the order for everyone, usually left to right or vice versa

See M2E Rules Manual, page 22, "Multiple Models".  If an effect causes anyone to perform duels for multiple models, the person performing the duels chooses the order for their models.  The person causing the effect doesn't determine the order.

Note that for blasts and such (for M2E), it's completely the opposite--the person resolving the blast chooses the order in which damage is applied.

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