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Trouble At Mill 13th July

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Welcome to our first Malifaux M3e tournament.

50SS, Fixed Faction event.

Three games over the day.

Game 1 Plant Explosives, Flank Deployment, Vendetta, Assasinate, Outflank, Dig Their Graves & Harness the Leyline

Game 2 Corrupted Idols, Corner Deployment, Claim Jump, Deliver a Message, Dig Their Graves, Search the Ruins & Detonate Charges

Game 3 Reckoning, Standard Deployment, Deliver the Message, Assassinate, Take Prisoner, Dig Their Graves, Search the Ruins.

Tickets are £10


10-10.30 Registration

10.30-12.45 Round 1

12.45-1.30 Lunch

1.30- 3.45 Round 2

3.45- 6 Round 3

6-6.30 Prizes, Thank You's & Goodbyes


Prizes for Best Painted, 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Best Painted £10 Store Credit

1st £15 Store Credit

2nd £10 Store Credit

3rd £5 Store Credit

For tickets please click the link below.



1 James Doxey

2 Spuddy Burdett

3 Kev Gillet

4 Carl Lee

5 Sam Theaker

6 Karl McConnell 

7 Karl McConnell 

8 Karl McConnell 

9 Luke Whitrow

10 Richard Matthews

11 Darren Pebody

12 James Marlowe





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What are the numbers looking like for this? The Facebook group has 7 people confirmed at the moment

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1 hour ago, Cunning said:

Going to try and get to this.

How easy is it to get to from Leeds station?

I can give you lift if you want mate?

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came yesterday.

Everyone who has followed the store for the last three and a half years will know why I was incredibly happy that the first event we ran in our new store was a Malifaux one.

I'm aware that not everything went according to plan on the day so thank you for your patience.

I would appreciate feedback on how you think we did, either here or pm/ email me.

I'll start the feedback with some of my own observations now that I've had a chance to get some sleep.

I forgot to run a best painted competition at lunchtime. Despite being reminded about it I think the lack of sleep over the last few weeks got the better of me.

Running on Bag O Tools inside a Faraday cage without wifi made the draws difficult for people. We can't change the mills construction but we should have wifi by next weekend and we also have plans for monitor screens.

We needed to signpost the toilets better.

We need results sheets. I thought people telling me the results would work but a combination of the background noise, my poor hearing and being exhausted from the move led to me inputting scores wrong round 2. I think we managed to sort it with the new tournament on Bag o Tools.

I forgot to buy a wooden spoon. 

The awards ceremony could have been better. I'll hold my hands up and say they're something I'm not great at organising or presenting but I'm working on it.

Any other feedback will be gratefully received.

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I think sheets would definitely help, especially if they had strats and schemes on them, I think a few people struggled to find out what they were and missed to board at the back.  I was lucky enough to get a phone signal so was able to get them off here.

I think ideally, a rulespack would be good, I wasn't sure until the day whether we could use unpainted models for instance.  James could probably give you a fairly generic one you can customise to your needs.

Other than that i thought it went well, I liked the individual table pods with storage under them.  We were nice and spaced out, some malifaux events can be a bit cramped.

I thought the awards was fine.

Pretty much all events have issues of one type or another and overall I thought it was fine and I had a great time.  I'll definitely come to the next one if I'm free.

Hope you manage to get a bit more sleep now the move is all done with!

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It was great to see the store and overall an enjoyable day of card flipping.

The set up was good, nice and spacious for token boxes, rulebooks etc.

Score sheets would be nice but aren't vital - particularly if Wi-Fi is sorted for people to check encounters etc.

I think with the edition so new and a lot of people trying new masters, best painted became an afterthought for most.

Probably the main thing I missed was time calls - on the last round me and my opponent only heard a call not to start another turn when there was approximately 10 minutes left (we as players can partly take the blame as we should keep an eye on the timer too).

Look forward to the next one :) (hopefully soon)

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The place will look brill when you do all you want to... lots to do but be worth it and hopeful Leodis becomes central to UK Malifaux 

Tables and set up great already

My first event in over 8 months so was happy to be playing 

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