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Spawning Moon picks


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I consider this as a must take stratagem, more units on the field means even more activation advantage. However one of the things I like about it is the huge potential we have with the selection of the forces, but equally this makes it harder to decide what to get.

Do I go for more awesome Karkinoi providing a tougher core? (I almost always take 1 karkinoi, they have awesome potential in basically any operation)

Skulkers and capitalise on the "these things are everywhere" rule?

Yarazi for insane speed and ability to buy T1 in a 1 commander game?


Of course we can tailor to match the exact flow of the game, unlike Earth's more limiting "Behind enemy lines" but would love to have some input as to how you like to hatch the gribblies.

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The best thing about Gibbering Hordes is their versatility based on opponents choices. The "best" answer to your question is whatever the opponent doesn't want you to use. If against KE either Whelks or Skulkers as they tend to counter them well. Abysinnia you're going to either go speed or hitting power, so either Yarazi or Karkinoi. 

Cult struggles in the long game, and is arguably the hardest matchup as you both counter each other. In this case it's better to play whatever you're comfortable with, but a second Karkinoi or Whelks can't hurt. Anything weaker just tends to die too fast.

Mirror match is my secret weapon, Barbed Crawlers are fantastic against the hordes. Especially if they didn't think to bring Whelks. 



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