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Heartfaux is back Saturday 31 August - York

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Heartfaux is back.

On 31 August 2019 York Garrison Wargaming club will be hosting Heartfaux again after missing a year.  It will be held at The Folk Hall, New Earswick, York.  As with the event in the past it is going to be a charity event, with proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation.  So far from Previous event we have raised over £1600 and I would love to continue to build on that achievement.


The event will be 3 rounds at 50ss per round, fixed faction.


The aim of the event is two fold.

1 - Have fun and play some games of M3E

2 - Raise money for the British Heart Foundation.


Cost of the event is £15, but this does not include lunch.  Payment details will be added ASAP, when they have been added to the York Garrison website - https://yorkgarrison.co.uk/  tickets can be bought from this address https://yorkgarrison.co.uk/product/heartfaux-2019-august-31st/

Lunch wise there's a cafe on site which will sell drinks and snacks, a chip shop and local shop about a 5 minute walk ands a Tesco/KFC/BK and Mcdonalds within a 5 minute drive.

Proper rules pack will be posted in the next few days and I will update this post when tickets have gone live.

Link to the rules pack: - https://www.dropbox.com/s/wjpfjrtrxvquadb/Heartfaux.docx?dl=0

Lets make this a good one guys.


Strats and Schemes

Game 1


Corrupted Idols


Claim Jump

Take Prisioner

Search the ruins

Power Ritual


Game 2



Claim Jump

Hold up their forces


Harness the Ley Line

Detonate Charges


Game 3


Turf War


Dig Their Graves


Deliver a message





1 - James Doxey

2 - Paul Butler

3 - Dan Brown

4 - Ollie Hedges

5 - Russell Hunt

6 - Tom Benstead

7 - Karl Adam

8 - Kevin Gillet

9 - Peter Sidaway

10 - Greg 

11 - Dave Brown

12 - Carl Lee

13 - Nick Pratt

14 - Gary McGuinness

15 - Radek 

16 - Zed Strong

17 - Michael Arnott

18 - Andy Bushell


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