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Going Titan Hunting. What's your plan?


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My opponent just fielded 2 titans on me (double king's hand) for the first time, and I've discovered I'm kind of scratching my head on how to deal with them.  We don't have Grenadier's quality titan hunting abilities, or Frenzies incredible volume of quality attacks (the two ways my dreadnaughts die).  What am I missing?

When there's only one, I try to ignore it and go about my business, but with 2 of them stomping around my lines I feel like I have to do SOMETHING about them.  Though while I'm desperately wailing away, Kassa seems to be drawing ALL of the cards and politely fixing all the damage I'm doing.

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You're looking for high Strength attacks and/or Piercing. The Rocket Launcher prototype is good for titan busting, so are the Lord of Steel, Steel Legion, Mechanized Infantry, Rail Gunner(especially in Glory), Gloried Dreadnaught, the Marauder and Electrocutioners are nipping at the bottom in anti-Titan ability.

I want to give a special shout out to Mechanized Infantry The walker at strength 3, piercing is actually the worst gun attack that the unit can have at taking out Titans. The Squads are only Strenght 3 sure, but Versatile Tactics and Open Wound combined with good Tracer Rounds utilization can give you 1-2 stat 6-7(depending on glory), Battle Cannon,  1 Stat 7 Machine Gun, a Stat 7 Experimental Rifle, a Stat 5 rocket launcher, and ending it all with a Stat 10 machine gun. If you got the Relentless Assault trigger on the Walker then every other attack is going to be at stat +1, and the first squad can get you a second attack as well getting you +2 on the final machine gun(and +1 on every non-walker attack). You can make that final Mech Infantry attack have higher strength than even a Gloried Rail gunner can get to thanks to Open Wound and Versatile Tactics. Stat 12 vs Df 3 when every 2 in the Margin is +1 Strength is down right insane damage potential. If we look at best case ( 13R with an inspired token vs BJ with shaken token) gives you a 27 vs 1, that's a margin value of 26, which equals +13 Strength, +1 for the ram on the card, getting you a Strength 17 attack. How do you like doing 2 damage to a Titan before even flipping for Penetration? Wanna do 6 damage? Just throw in the counts as 15 asset on penetration. Not even counting any potential damage done with the 6 other attacks. 

Mechanized Infantry theory crafting nerdgasm over.

What Abyssinia lacks that other factions have is the ability to get rid of assests flipped to ignore damage, but if other factions didn't have that they wouldn't have the ability to deal with Titans as they just lack the breadth of high strength hits that Abyssinia has. Additionally they lack the card draw that Abyssinia has to force penetration flips high enough with the same consistency to keep doing damage to Titans.

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With the Kassa pick you can be pretty safe to assume a couple of titan targets. It might depend a little as to which commanders you generally take though as to your strategy.

I would certainly pick Steel Legion, loads of high quality strikes. And as already mentioned Mechanised Infantry can get ridiculously strong, especially with a few well placed cheating fate to cripple the King's Hand.

However I do feel that your actual target should be Kassa herself, she'll be the cornerstone of card draw for KE, and as you say just keeps titans running. Electrocutioners can use 1.21 gigawatts to pulse her down, coupled with some :meleeperhaps even with shock batons. Marauder can do this as well. Actually accurate might not be needed since I'd just hide her behind the titans and rely on disables instead of champion rules for defence. Though if it is, that could mean 25+ script in 1 blob, and for that we have ourselves "Activate Experimental Systems" or "Detonate Soulstone".

Oh and don't forget titans are an awesome target to get Glory from ;)

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It's all about softening them up first. Try to make them flip Assets with your basic shots (which, if penetrating, will be doing 1 damage apiece), THEN hitting them with your high strength when they can only scrap, potentially netting 2. I will usually try to take as many Engineers as I can for eligible units, who are great for this.

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