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Scottish GT 2019 20-21 of July


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Hey guys, 


The Scottish GT returns for its 5th year at Common Ground Games. As usual it'll be 6 games across two days using 50ss crews and the most current (at time of event) M3E rule set.

Proxies are allowed with TO discretion, as long as its easily identified there is likely to be no issue.

Painting isn't a requirement but following on the trend of past years, if you play fully painted, extra raffle tickets for you.

The event will have the top table streamed live and recorded for the Scottishmeta YouTube channel.

Schedule will be available closer to the time.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, wooden spoon, best in factions and painting contests.

Tickets available through http://malifaux-tickets.com/scottish-gt-2019.php

Player Pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/okmyantfl7lizw3/GT Rulespack.rtf?dl=0

The first 30 people to sign up will get a wee extra in their player pack

Paid list:

1. Kai young
2. David Brown
3. Euan Grieve
4. Chris Draper
5. Chanley Currie
6. Jamie Varney
7. Maria Weiland
8. Marek Oczachowski
9. Martyn Nicol
10. James Doxey
11. Greg Piskosz
12. Steven Thompson
13. Paul Butler
14. Rich Walters
15. Alyx Drake
16. Emma Newham
17. David Allen
18. Tom Skitt
19. Radoslaw Brylowski
20. Michael Arnott
21. Steve Johnston
22. David Hughman
23. Matt lewin
24. David Garrard
25. Ben Healey
26. Rebecca McAusland-Healey
27. Ross McGuinness
28. George Hollingdale
29. Reice Chaudry
30. Mark Watson
31. Andy Bushell

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OK so not everybody looks at the facebook event so I will put a small update here as well.

Dual masters will not be allowed at the event, while its cool design space its already proving as problematic as DMH in my personal opinion. The player pack will be live shortly which will have all the strats and schemes in.

Finally our initial batch of 30 tickets hhave sold out :D i have now put another 20 live and look forward to seeing you all soon 

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