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Lost into a Purple Mist

Purple Mist

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Hi everybody,

This one is the second topic I open following Purple Mist's Crew:

While Purple Mist's Crew is dedicated to Malifaux models I painted and I'm going after, Lost into a Purple Mist presents pics of models and scenics non Malifaux related and not produced by Wyrd.

Hope you will enjoy!

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Dropfleet Commander is a game of starships engagements going from small skirmish to huge battles. Four factions, 2 humans and 2 aliens, fight for the control of planets. All actions in Dropfleet Commander take place nearby planets with the objective of envading and conquerinfg them or to prevent an enemy invasion if you already are in control of a planet.

Starships of different factions have unique abilities and weeknesses you must master to get victory. The game is always well balanced. The complexity is medium to high considering the tactical and strategical richness of the game system. Fogs of war,  the shifting activation of battlegroups, tactical cards you can play make any game turn unpredictable.

Starship models are cast in plastic or in resin. They present a richness of details yuo can go after so long painting them.


At present I'm assembling and painting starships of UCM: United Colonies of Mankind.


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UCM fleet: painting technique

Pressed by the need to get ASAP a versatile and flexible fleet, I serched a way to paint starships quicky without having to sacrifice their final looking. So I decided to use very effective Colourshift Paints from GreenStuffWorld airbrushed over black glossy primered models. Starships hulls are then worked with washes. Some model details are worked out with traditional paints and washes (for example engines, sensors, weapons systems). As a last touch, I highlighted or recovered Colourshift painted spots with the original paint or a mix of a Colourshift Paints and some Silver Paint.

Here are few pics of the some ships I painted to completion up to date:





All pics have been shot in my photo-box but with the same lightining conditions; no camera filters or special effects where used.  In the first 3 pics I used a black background; a white background was used for last 2 pics. The blue reflex you can see at some spots must be considered a camera artefact and not a colour shifting effect.

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Three new shots from the gaming table. a 4x4 feet playmat.




All shots have been taken under a mix of natural and artificial direct lighting and are taken at different times during the same day:  as a consequence the % of sun lighting is variable. The ships are a mix from two batches; the second one is not yet completed so some details are missing.

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My first team for Warcray. Guess thre's some sort of red over-saturation in the pic, I'll try to get best pics in next day. I got fun painting these minis and trying to replicate the official palette from GW for the Iron Golems. The overall points of the team is up 1000 points so more than sufficient to play Warcray games. It was also the chance to experiment with GSW washes a very interesting paint set.

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Here are improved pics of Warcry Iron Golems:


Warcray is a fast, easy to learn skirmish game. Sceneries are generated by combinations of randomly picked up cards for terrain, deployment, victory conditions, unexpected factors, so offering a wide range of possible scenarios. Some of them can result in unbalancement beetwen teams. Some of the rules of Warhammer AoS have been simplified, some new rules have been added. Single scenarios can be combined in campaings too. Warcray starting box is definitely interestiong: but two warrior teams and some beast of Chaos it offeres a mess of scenic elements that can be combined into infinite possible ways to create a landscape of fantasy ruins.


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