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[Denmark, Copenhagen] M3E Tournament


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Everyone wants to play M3E even though it's still in Beta. That's a good thing! So we'll take another day of fun before the official rules arrive.


Sunday the 12th of May 2019 in Rogue Trader Copenhagen. (Harsdorffsvej 108, 2000 Frederiksberg)

Doors open up at 09:00

This will be a bit different due to beta rules:

The last update from Wyrd in MARCH will be the valid rules/cards/upgrades for this event. Whatever comes a few days before will be ignored, to give everyone a chance to know what rules we will be playing by.

The price is 100 DKr for Rogue Trader members and 150 Dkr for non-members.

This includes Wyrd mystery prizes and lunch.

50 soulstones and only 2 rounds to give everyone a chance of finishing a game, which not many of us can manage in 2½ hours just yet.

Fixed faction.

Unpainted miniatures will be allowed since some models have switched factions and players might have to bring something they haven't used before.

Which bring us to proxies: Obviously if you want to play somone like Euripides, proxies will be allowed. But not just any proxy. Put thought and effort into it, or bribe me with chocolate.

Models which exist can't be replaced by whatever is on your shelf simply because of keywords or faction swap. 

14 slots for this event!

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this day or the new rules.


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