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What does it consist of? Malifaux League M3E 

Where? Asociación 6d6 Rúa da Estrada 37, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

When? From April 1st until June 30th

How much? Registration of 5 euros all for prizes


Each player may choose a faction to play all league encounters.

Each player have three weeks to play his match

Each match have a soulstone value and fixed strategies and squemes

Each Victory counts 4 points, each tie 2 points, each loss 1 point, dont play 0 points

New player friendly we can made demos and lend you miniatures



Match 1: From april 1st to 21st of april.  30ss henchman as Leader

Match 2: From april 15th to 5th of may.  35ss henchman as Leader

Match 3: From april 29th to 19th of may.  35ss master as Leader

Match 4: From may 13th to 2nd of June.  40ss master as Leader

Match 5: From may 27th to 16th of June.  45ss master as Leader

Match 6: From june 10th to 30th of June.  50ss master as Leader

More Info:

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