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English GT - 21-22 September 2019 - Dark Sphere London

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Here we go!

English GT 2019 is now live! You can find the tournament pack here: EGT Tournament Pack

Everything is subject to change pending M3E's official launch and any potential Gaining Grounds document, and I will update the tournament pack as we go. I will try to keep as close to the listed timings as possible - expect nothing but minor changes.

The highlights are:

Tournament Format

This will be a Malifaux Third Edition tournament – any rules here are subject to change pending any possible Gaining Grounds release before the event.

The English GT will be a six round event over two days. On registration, players will commit to a single faction they will be playing for the entire event. Alternatively, a player may declare as “Dead Trinity”, please see below.

Strategy and schemes will be revealed on arrival.

Dead Trinity: instead of declaring a faction, a player may instead choose to register as Dead Trinity and declare any three leaders, from any faction, they will use for the tournament. At least one of the chosen leaders must be a master from the Dead Man’s Hand “Faction”.

Tournament Schedule

All subject to Gaining Grounds recommendations.

Each game will last two hours including set-up.

Saturday 21st

10:00-10:45             Registration

10:45-12:45             Game 1

12:45-13:45             Lunch & Painting

13:45-15:45             Game 2

16:00-18:00             Game 3

Saturday evening social event – to be discussed

Sunday 22nd

10:30-12:30             Game 4

12:30-13:15             Lunch

13:15-15:15             Game 5

15:30-17:30             Game 6

17:30-18:00             Clear Up & Prizes

(NB: due to Sunday trading, no purchases may be made from the store before 12pm on Sunday)

In the event of odd numbers of participants, a ringer will be available who will not score tournament points.


Dark Sphere Shepherd's Bush Megastore

Unit 8

W12 Shopping Centre


W12 8PP

Tel: 020 8749 2916


Tickets are available are available by sending a payment via PayPal to myself, and attendees will be listed on the Wyrd Forums. Ticket purchases made before August 21st will be subject to a £5 discount.

As I am currently organising multiple events, and to avoid any confusion please write in the notes for your payment: “EGT” if you would like your name to appear differently from how it appears on your PayPal payment, or wish to remain anonymous, please enter that here as well.

Ticket price is £30, reduced to £25 until 21st August, sent to: https://www.paypal.me/TomSkitt


1. Maria Wieland

2. Luke Athiko

3. Rich Walters

4. AJ Barr


Any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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On 5/24/2019 at 8:37 PM, Skitt_Happens said:

On the Saturday Evening, I would like to arrange a social event: would folks prefer a restaurant or just to meet up in a bar?

Food's always popular. :) 

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