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Final Duel Total - I am confused


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Hi All

I have been running a game of TTB for a while and am really enjoying the system as a whole, however I am after some clarification on the statement "Final Duel Total".

Example - Illusionist has the "Illusions Manifested Power" as stated in Into the Steam and there is a trigger for :tome in there but the TN requires a :mask. How would someone trigger that result if the final card on display is the required :mask. Do all the cards that have been flipped for that duel count as being the final duel total? so if someone has an AV of 5, and flips a 7:tome, realizes they don't have the correct suit so twists fate and plays a 9:mask, does that mean the trigger would come into effect as it was part of the duel or is the only card in play the 9:mask.

Thanks for the clarification.


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Specialized Skill allows a Fated to attach a suit to a skill adding that suit to any duel total making it possible to have two suits on one flip. Cheating fate just completely ignores the original card as if it was never even there, so no they wouldn’t stack. I believe soul stones can also be used to add suits to duel totals and some pursuits remove suit requirements from certain spells making it much easier to cast and get these triggers.

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