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Questions about Drachen Trooper & HtK

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Had a game with Shenlong vs Von Schill today:


Question 1: Drachen Trooper's action Burn it Down:aura4" Remove all destructible markers within range. Until the end phase, other models threat the area within range as Hazardous (Burning +1).

So, what happens if he is standing within 4" of destructible terrain, uses this action, then walks past more destructible terrain? Does he remove the terrain when using the action, then the hazardous terrain "follows" him around to wherever he ends up but he destroys no more terrain? Or does he leave behind an area of hazardous terrain where he took the action?

We agreed it was: remove terrain upon taking this action and no more, and hazardous was always :aura4" from wherever he ended up, not where he initially declared the action. Correct?


Question 2: Does irreducible damage ignore hard to kill? 


I used all 4 style upgrades for Shenlong during the game, I guess that's a good indication that they are fine now. I rarely used anything other than wandering river style back in M2E.

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Q1: I agree, the "remove destructible" is only on use.

Q2: It does not unless it specifically says otherwise, since HtK isn't reducing the damage.

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