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tactical advice: intel corps


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i have been using them recently (1 commander + 10 scrip games, agains cult and the hordes). Based on the results - i really like them. they have 2 main uses:
- hand domination, in ToS you don;t have that many cards in hand, and there is good chance you will only have 1-2 high ones. Intel corps can sit in a safe place and target enemy's hand easily, and they either allow you to do that, or avoid drawing cards (e.g. by storing tactics tokens) - both ways you get an advantage by having them on the board.

- sniping enemy adiuncts: they have accurate and do not randomise when shooting into engagement. i really like this for games against the cults (removing these pesky madmen), but agains hordes it also help, you can free up your killers if they are tied with lightweight hordes units - e.g. yarazi, karkinoi.

They tend to be squishy though, and need to be protected. For some reason this was not an issue in any of my games, but may change widely depending on your playstyle.

also, i don't think bringing 2 will be that helpful - their main uses don't scale up very well. i think it is 0 or 1, but i think they will be a frequent pick for me in next games due to the hand control they bring, and which is otherwise very weak in Kings Empire.

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26 minutes ago, Merchant said:

i guess a play could be to bring edward or belle and 2 intel corps then try to snipe out a commander turn 1


Questionable to get all 3 in range and a good hand to have enough impact - field intel have sh 5 and accurate is not built in.

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it would also create a huge gap in your defences - intel corps are a soft unit. they could be replaced with some other unit though (grenadiers maybe?) to threaten both commander and the units nearby.

In this scenario edmonton will be good - sniping commanders is defintiely his thing, if you can add some rockets from gloried grenadiers that definitely could work


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From my experience, it's very hard to have tactics tokens leftover for ther marker trickery unless you go full Kassa Ta spam. They also fight like shit and are frail as paper even in glory (which is hard to get them into anyway).

So if I bring them is purely for hand disruption like @pawlik said, destroy their hand or make them consider it useless to draw and force them to depend on Ta for improving flips. Gibbering and pure Kings Empire suffer greatly when facing them. Cult can sort of wing it, specially on the stratagem turn of Bayou Two card. Abyssinia will outdraw the discard, so you have to activate them in the proper window for them to notice it.

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