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Encounter Setup Order

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I've been thinking about this a lot and I think ' Place and Define Terrain' is in the wrong place on the setup order (see below.)

It makes practical sense to me to move it back until after you generate Scenario and Schemes.  That way you can set up a board knowing where you'll need to place markers and where your deployment zones are.  Making it easier to setup.

That and a lot of players arrange to play in advance (rather than random pickup games).  By setting the expectation players can arrange what the objectives ahead of time it means players have more time to think about the game, and can choose to engage more with Malifaux off the table as a result.  

The more we let people think about the game before they play it the more interesting varied crews we'll see and the more conversation and buzz around the game we can generate.  

I could even go so far as to say you could move terrain all the way back to just before you choose schemes and see a benefit.


A. Determine Encounter Size
B. Place and Define Terrain
C. Determine Scenario
D. Generate Schemes
E. Choose Faction and Leader
F. Hire Crew
G. Reveal Crews
H. Choose Schemes
I. Deployment
J. Start of Game

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My preference would be move "P&D Terrain" to between "D. Generate Schemes" and "E. Choose Faction and Leader".

That way you can arrange the terrain so the objectives are doable, and still make informed choices about how important mobility/range/schemeyness are during Leader selection.

I think it would be too limiting to find out at step H that you should have brought fast models to get from Corner to the other side of the board, or should have brought tougher models to face down Wedge.


I like what you're saying re: not needing to set up terrain until you actually reach the table, and I agree that that is what often happens in practice, but I think the above points mean it's a better game when played 'optimally' if the official order has terrain before Leader/crew selection

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Which is really valid.  I think moving setting the table up until after the scenario is determined is IMHO; a no brainer.

Otherwise we need rules for what to do when you’ve put terrain in the wrong place for the scenario. 

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Yep I like this suggestion.

I am also interested in coming up with some quasi-fixed terrain layouts for strat/deployment combos for use in organized play where they all can use the same pool of terrain. Just shifted around to fit the mission.

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I think official terrain guidance is exactly the sort of thing that needs to go into M3EGG now that so many objectives are extremely limiting on positioning.

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