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Santiago de Chile: M3E tournament


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We'll have an M3E tournament on April 6th at 10:00 at the convention "Ludocronicas: En un lugar de la Mancha". The convention will take place at the Spanish cultural center, located at Providencia 927. It is close to Salvador subway.

The registration rate for the tournament is 1000 Chilean pesos. You can pay the fee in advance if you want to make sure you'll have a slot. Just get in touch with me and I'll help you with the details.

To help new players enter the community, we decided to fix the encounters' size at 40 soulstones. The tournament will be three rounds, with the following strat and schemes for each round:

Round 1
Strategy: Reckoning
Deployment: Flank
Schemes: Vendetta, Claim Jump, Search the Ruins, Assassinate, Harness the Ley Line

Round 2
Strategy: Plant Explosives
Deployment: Corner
Schemes: Hold up their Forces, Vendetta, Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, Power Ritual

Round 3
Strategy: Turf War
Deployment: Standard
Schemes: Breakthrough, Vendetta, Assassinate, Deliver a Message, Outflank

Dead Man's Hand will be allowed and crews do not need to be painted.

I have already received the registration fee from the following players:

- Sebastian A. @salisterro (Guild)
- Diego G. @Nightclawer (Arcanists)
- Manuel O. @Mob1239 (Ten Thunders)
- David H. @Wurz_7 (Outcasts)

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