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Video Battle Report / Spielbericht Malifaux Beta


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I hope I am allowed to post this here. I started a German YouTube channel and I want to focus on Battlereports for Malifaux (Beta for now).

I know that the most of you do not spreak German, but we have very few coverage in German and I want to spread the word of that awesome game!

If there is enough interest I will consider to try a voiceover in English.

so I hope some of you visit my channel and leave some comments!





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I really enjoyed the battle report, I think you did a fantastic job with the voice over as well as keeping the audience abreast of what was going on in the game, and really like how you labeled everything in the deployment phase.

I hope we see more reports from you, well done!

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I like it! Very easy to follow even if I were not familiar with the crews. Looking forward to seeing more battle reports from you.

My only complaint was the music, which did not really fit the theme/mood of Malifaux in my opinion. But that is just a matter of taste.

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1 hour ago, Fetid Strumpet said:

Very good video. I think all the work was worth it.

One note which is hard to tell from the video, Ice Pillars are 30mm, and in the video it looked like the pillars being used were 50mm. It could be an issue with the video, but on the off chance it wasn’t I thought I’d mention it.

Thank you for your feedback! The markers used are 30mm. I wasn’t aware of a possible confusion and will speak of 30mm Markers the first time they are dropped to get things clear! Thanks for pointing that out.

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Amazing job so far - thank you so much for making the effort! 

One minor note that I find really useful is letting us know which Masters are being played right up front - i.e. in the post title or similar. E.g. - Rasputina vs. Nekima 50SS helps me find the reports that cover the Masters I'm most interested in.

Thumbs up!

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