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Russia. Samara. "Henchmen Hardcore" М3е Tournament


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Hi, Wyrdos! Samara here! 

!!!  Today I want to announce Fastest Tounament in our city  !!!

Data: 16th of March

Contribution: 250 rubles

Malifaux Edition: Third;

Format: Henchmen Hardcore;

Schemes and Strategy: Henchmen Hardcore;

Round Time: 40min;

Events Requirements 

At the end of the round time, the current turn ends and the results are calculated.
 Conversions must be recognizable. There are doubts on the topic of admission - write Henchman.
 Prints of character cards and models in high quality are allowed.
 A deck of Malifaux suits is required for use in a tournament.
 Full painted army is not required, but will please the eye.


First place: Small Mystery box, First place Guilder, Certificates for 1st place;

Second place: Small Mystery box, Guilder, Certificates for 2nd place;

Third place: Guilder, Certificates for 3rd place;

All other participants will get guilders.

Event Timing 

Registration - 18:00

Round one - 18:30 to 19:10

Round two - 19:20 to 20:00

Round three - 20:10 to 20:50

Rewarding - 21:00


 ?  Where are we  ? 

"GeekOn" Store: Samara, Lenin Avenue 10 (https://vk.com/geekon_samara)

Here link for wargame group of our community(https://vk.com/wargame_samara)

We waiting for you! Malifaux waiting for you!

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