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Hordes vs cult

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So iam after my first dozen of games. Against abby or empire I more or less know what to do and had some good tigh games. But I struggle heavily against cult, I wouldnt even say those are games as I feel hopeless. The only good units seem to be commandera(I dont own eels yet) and we usually play single commander/singel+10, the rest dies really easily so even healing Magic frenzy cant get enough stuff back. Between his Titan stomps, aoe attacks from rhinos, doomseekers and at later stages breachling strategem I lose 12+ models A turn. My main problem is that apart from commanders my units cant kill enough of cult stuff-even if one fireteam survives they teleport away and reinforce/heal. Rhino seems immortal as only strengh 5 attack is on Alpha who dosent do much damage. Gorysche is quite tough even with low stats and they have the strategem that it come back after death. My stuff is busy walking then dies then comes back and dies again. So any useful strategies or units against cult? As for me cult has more punch and mobility and horde have no shooting

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They need to be down to one token for this to work (from what we understand when they have 2 they flip back to glory after the action) and you still need 3 margin and rhinos have good stats. But like when you manage to go through all the hoops at the end of the day you get rid of 3 scrips from your opponent. But iam more intrested in general strategy against cult as for me they do everything better- better mobility becauseĀ  of portals, better stats, better damage, tons of aoe most you cant do nothing about and which have ridiculous strenght.

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