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Tors Tables

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One of my new year resolutions was to finish the various table projects i've accumulated and half assed over the last two years.

Yesterday i finished the second of the six table sets i own. For reasons of convenient storing and variable set up i prefer a gaming mat plus terrain pieces over a fixed construction. And as i tend more towards the painting, rather than building of things i like to buy existing MDF sets and paint them over.

I will post pictures of each table in an extra post

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#1 the City map







It's mostly 4Grounds Stuff i weathered down, because i really fell in love with their fabled realms series. I forgot were i ordered the small market stand and the gallow. The 'Forest Islands' were custom printend to fit in the slots of the gaming mat (which is from kraken). The most ardenous task was to cut out the hundreds of small posters i scaled down from actual old circus posters.

Of course that's a bit much terrain to play with, but i like to have some options available.

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#2 the dark Crypt





The biggest part are sets from GWs 'Morrs Garden'. Besides 1164 Skulls (i counted them as i cursed while painting each one...) one of the nicest terrain sets they have done, in my opinion. The central piece was an old Kickstarter Building actually called 'Dark Crypt if i remember correctly. Its came with a pretty cool feature...






The only small drawback is in the nature of the fog himself - it's a bit wet. So there tends to be a bit condensed moisture if it runs prolonged periods of time. But thats no big problem for the neoprene underground or painted plastic. And the whole fog thing is more for show than actual gameplay. I've made a short clip to present a better picture:

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I came to look at your stuff again to soak up some more motivation 😂 I've wanted The Garden of Morr set for some time, I'd just have to finish my unpainted terrain and find a way to get rid of those skulls. 1164. Ouch!

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