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Somer Teeth Vs. Kaeris 2.6.19 Reckoning

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What Version of the Playtest Documents were you using? 2.6.19
Strategy Reckoning - 35 SS
Scheme List -Breakthrough
-Dig Their Graves
-Hold up their Forces
-Deliver a Message
Time & Rounds Played 3 hours, 3 rounds
Final Score

@targetedotaku: 2VP

Forum Name SAYNE
Leader Somer Teeth Jones
Crew List Somer
Skeeter x2
Georgy & Olaf
Spit Hog
Old Cranky
Bayou Gremlin

5 Cache
Strategy VP Scored 2
Scheme 1 & VP Scored Hold up their Forces - 1
Scheme 2 & VP Scored Assassinate - 2
If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? I'd probably have been more careful about where I stuck Somer Teeth. Also might not have pumped so much damage into the Firestarter if I knew how much he could be healed. Definitely first game against Kaeris in M3E.
MVP model (and Why?) Lenny. Scored multiple big hits, managed to survive way longer than he should have (with luck). His cover aura never came up but Toss is so good. Frantic was absolutely bonkers.
Forum Name TargetedOtaku
Leader Kaeris
Crew List

Eternal Flame
Elijah Borgman
Firebranded x2
Fire Gamin

3 Cache

Strategy VP Scored 2
Scheme 1 & VP Scored Dig Their Graves - 0
Scheme 2 & VP Scored Deliver a Message - 0
If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Initial positioning of models, utilizing models differently, and now I know the game.
MVP model (and Why?) Firebranded. Solid damage, great healing. Healed the Firestarter from a single wound to full in two turns.
Concerns and/or Confusions? First time playing for TargetedOtaku. So "the everything". Unsure whether Third Degree Burns adds an additional burning, or just the injured. We played it as an additional burning (so each Marker gave +2 Burning, +1 injured for every action taken on a marker).

Unsure how to score the objectives in this case, considering how new TargetedOtaku is. The middle of the board became so littered with Pyre Markers and Corpses that it was quite chaotic to move around in.
Additional Feedback? Kaeris crew seems a bit odd. As you're quite sure how much burning you should place on your enemy, and then on yourself. In general lighting everything on fire works, but takes a bit (lot) of setup. For such a "long game" crew, they don't seem to have the defenses or expendability to make it all the way through. That said, the Pyre markers are scary, especially with Immolate and injured is just a death sentence which is good. Also not entirely sure about the firestarters Assist damage aura, and whether the Assisting model would take the damage even if not in LoS (Bayou Gremlin hiding behind a SpitHog and tried to put it out).

New Somer Teeth feels strong and thematic, but I'm a bit worried about the upper models in the crew. Everything summonable feels right, but I feel like I'm missing one extra model that goes somewhere in between G&O and Lenny. In a 35 SS game I brought almost the entire keyword, and that feels a bit... slim? I understand versatility but I do want the Big Hats to stand on their own as well.

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