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Smothering Flame

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So Sonnia has the Smothering Flame ability: 


I was wondering how extensive this ability is. Does this ability reduce the range on pulses and auras aswell as ordinary ranged actions?  How does it affect something like the "Timeslip" trigger from the Outcast Scavengers Weird device ability? Is the range it can be placed also reduced?


Does SF reduce ranges indicated in the actions ability text (As in: it would reduce the 5" range a model pushes when using "Ride with me")?

My own initial guesses would be: 
Yes it reduces pulses and auras.

The timeslip trigger would still place within normal range

and No the ranges indicated in an actions ability is not reduced.

How have you played this ability? (I myself have forgotten it every single time I have played Sonnia :P


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It reduces the Rg stat on actions. So Inthe case of timeslip the range of place would be 8"-burning amount. If its an action with a pulse (Restore Natural Order on Lady Justice), the pulse is also smaller.

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