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I like a lot of the M3E changes (as well) but is it still MALIFAUX?

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Just now, retnab said:

So in your opinion we should keep on keeping on with every faction only using their all stars list?  Sounds super fun. Can't wait.

What is this? Elementary School?

I said strengthening thematic mechanics instead of limiting hiring. It means that thematic lists get to the same level of power as non thematic lists and both groups of players can enjoy the crews they wanna play.

All Stars is a Problem of the Model, not the hiring and as i explained, the tax worked against low cost allstars, not the expensive ones.

Example, kitty dumont will be in every competitive thunders list, because of the carddraw and pushes she provides for 10ss.

Its a Problem of kitty and the other thunders themes. First of all: there is about no reliable card controll in non honeypot themes and some themes in thunders need cards more then others (summoner Adams btw) 

So in order to prevent the allstar kitty syndrome, the tax does absolutely nothing, the access to super essential things like carddraw for other crews would change things. 

My aproach to allstars would be to make them a little more niche and to make it ok for theme players to not play them via giving them solid options within their themed synergies.

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