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New deployment zones in Vassal

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A friend modified the image of the deployment zone so we can use the new standard and wedge.

You can download the files there https://we.tl/t-y55pmZTNMd


In order to use them, open the malifaux vassal module file (.vmod) with a software like winrar or bandizip.

Then copy the new image in the archive and replace the existing files.


There is a size error in the standard DZ for the area symbolizing the no from the shadow zone. It is 8" instead of 6".



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1 hour ago, Matrim said:

Thanks. In your module, it's the standard DZ at 6''.

And you can find the corrected standard DZ on this new link : https://we.tl/t-HPoYscUhVP

I'm sure I updated them to the 8" ones but corrected the area where people can't deploy with from the shadows. Will have to check tomorrow now

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