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So let's talk about our fishy friends, who do you all want to invite to the BBQ with Horo? Personally I'm thinking Whelks as a counterpick to the Empire, some Barbed Crawlers with Morphlings to use the Doomseekers or Black Ops' ranged guns with their built in Piercing on discard, maybe Speckled Crawlers for a tasty snack. I'm a bit tempted by Skulkers and Yarazi as well as Flanders but I think we already have lots of speed available to us.

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Morphlings letting you borrow ECB's gun attack would be utterly terrifying, especially on a relatively cheap and fast moving unit that has a bad habit of not dying or staying dead. Just the baseline of the gun is good. Putting it on Skulkers would be mean, since shooting back at the Skulkers is often a lesson in futility.. in a game with almost no flip enhancers, they're on a positive defensive flip just for sticking a toe into terrain.

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