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To sell. UNDEADS. 47 models painted.

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UNDEADS. 47 models, mainly painted. Cards included.

1 Molly Squidpiddge
1 Nicodem
1 Mc McMourning (Metal)
3 Rotten belle
3 Punk Zombie
1 Mortimer
1 Philip and the Nanny
11 Mindless Zombie
3 Necropunk
6 Crooligan
2 Bete Noire
1 Zombie Chihuahua
1 Vulture
1 Yin The Penangalan
1 Necrotic Machine
2 The Hanged (1 damaged)
1 Rafkin (metal)
1 Sebastian (Metal)
2 Nurse (Metal)
1 Harchie (unpainted)
1 Flesh Construct (unpainted)
1 Unknown Bonus (unpainted)
1 Madame Sybelle (prepainted)

One batch. No split. 
Shipping fees not included. Payment via Paypal. Price 135 GBP / 150 Euros. 

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