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Abby tips and tricks?


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Try out Electrocutioners with the Prince and give them the Flare Gun asset. Activate the Prince first, use one of his morale actions to trigger the Bombardment. You get free card draw because the Electrocutioners don't have to discard, and if you have a high Tome you can go to Glory without needing the (5) Margin.

Then chain-activate the Electrocutioners (doesn't cost a card because Prince Unathi is a commander) and go to town with their Glory side.

I've been getting some good work out of the Elite Training Stratagem with both of our combined arms units. I bet it would be even more absurd with Gloried Electrocutioners.

The other things I've been enjoying is Kassa's synergy with Titans triggering additional work from the Cutter. Once things get rolling Steel Legion will keep your hand filled.

Against Gibbering Hordes, don't spend time, energy, cards, etc. shooting at the speckled crawlers who get positive defensive flips just for touching terrain. Stomp over them with the Dreadnought.

Against Cult of the Burning Man try to pick off the Adjuncts (Precision Fire is your friend for this). Once they're gone, you can capitalize on their own Glory Mechanic.

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On 12/20/2018 at 6:46 AM, PolishSausage said:

also remember you can attach multiple different assets to electrocutioners to take advantage of the no card cost, makes for a murder squad especially if you throw in an adjunct.

Not any more sadly. Only one prototype per unit now. 😢

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