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The Wyrd Deck of Painting Achievements!

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I just unlocked the 2 of Crows by doing a miniature in Games Workshop style! I accomplished this by selecting identical poses of a lone trooper miniature in a dated aesthetic and listed them for individual sale only on eBay for $55 Australian dollars each. With a minimum-to-be-even-slightly-effective squad size of 6, that's a paltry initial investment of only $330. Of course, a serious player would want to run several larger squads totalling up to 6 times that, including those they would need to butcher to try to convert to the special weapons (at another $25 each). Needless to say, there has been a rush of orders. At time of writing I am temporarily out of stock.

I'm working on unlocking the 1 of Crows by making a miniature look so pallid and sickly that it needs to be euthanized. The resultant full-page ego stroke for the magazine is currently at the typesetters. 

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First figure of 2019 done, and with that a few achievements. Scarecrow from Reaper Miniatures. Bones material notwithstanding, quite a delightful mini.


:crow12 Homeopathy / Use a glazing technique on a miniature - It's my go-to technique, especially for shading. Used it on pretty much everything.

:tome6 Homage / Make a famous/celebrity/cult reference with your miniature - This guy's colour scheme took heavy inspiration from Moomin character "Snufkin", early childhood idol of mine. (see google image search)
:ram4 Munchausen's by Proxy / Use a non-Wyrd miniature as an unbelievably suitable proxy - Quite similar to the official Scarecrow figure from Knight Models, and my intended use for the mini. "RAW" it fits but I'm willing to concede this one since it's not for a Wyrd game:D
:mask1 Wham! / Use a fluorescent paint - These always seem to photo badly but his eyes are VMC Fluorescent Green. Makes for a nice, bright eye colour when I'm after something cartoonish.
:mask3 Saturation / Use inks on a miniature - Let's see... VGC Sepia Ink, VGC Green Ink, VGC Black Ink, VGC Flesh Wash Ink, VGC Yellow Ink, VGC Red Ink, S75 Inktense Chesnut, S75 Inktense Wood... For shadows, tinting and rust effects. I love inks to put it mildly.
:mask6 Mastery in a bottle / Use Vallejo Smoke on a miniature - Did some shadows with VMC Smoke. It's still not something I use regularly but every now and then I use it for some shadows. For this one used it for bones and coat.

So that's 6 (or 5) bagged. I can see this becoming an amusing checklist after whenever I finish a mini. Though I suspect I bagged most of the easy ones (for me) already.

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1 minute ago, Franchute said:

@Nikodemus What are the greens you used for the cloth on this mini?

Inner cloth is VGC Heavy Blackgreen. Highlighted by mixing in white in a few stages. Shaded with VGC Black and Green ink mix. His coat, which admittedly after all the washes and glazes is more of a brown, started with VGC Heavy Grey (misleading name, it's a desaturated green, lovely colour). I lost count what all I tossed over that though. Various brown washes, inks and similar.

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@Nikodemus: Beautiful, saturated green, contrasting beautifully with the browns. A very pretty miniature indeed. Kudos on a 'hand of six' miniature!

(You also have a pair of sixes! Nice!)


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