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Pledged at Tyrant level - what else do I need?

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Hi All,

Being a big fan of Malifaux, I backed ToS at Tyrant level.  

What else do I need?  Do I have enough to field all the armies, or am I missing something?

Do I need additional multiples of the troops that I have?  I want to be able to play against my brother and want to know if I am missing something


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Each starter box is essentially a big enough force to play a one-commander game.  The starter box plus free extras might be enough for a two-commander force for each of the factions, but it probably involves putting everything for that you have for that faction on the table, but if you stick to single commander games you basically have enough models to make choices and not have to play the thing forces each time.

Edit:  What you've got for each of the factions is:

  • The starter set for that faction (a commander and three squads)
  • Three copies of the adjunct model for that faction
  • A cavalry/support squad
  • Two copies of that faction's "Champion" unit (single model unit) 
  • One copy of that factions's titan

and then two copies of the Guild syndicate model and two copies of the Court of Two syndicate model.

That's enough to play, but you don't have one of each unit and you don't have the dual faction commanders.  You can buy the rest as it comes out in your area, and play with what you have just fine.

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I think you end up with answers that really depend on which of the four factions you're filling out, unless you want an answer like "Have you bought one of everything yet?"

To take Abyssinia as an example that I've more experience with...

Here's what you don't have yet:

  • Steel Legion (the unit with the walker with the buzz saw arms). 12SS
  • Mechanized Infantry (the unit with the walker with the twin battle cannons) 8SS
  • Electrocutioners (high point cost general purpose bad ass squad) 10SS

any of those three would be fun, but different sorts of fun, and then there's the "go fast and harass people" option

  • The Marauder Motorcycle 3SS (probably loaded up to 4-5SS).  These are fast moving motorcycles.

and the dual faction commander (biased towards titan support)

  • The Dual Faction commander Kassa Okoye

All of those choices do different things, and you'll notice that they're each a big chunk of points (I think it's going to be common to run pairs of Marauders).

The SS cost for the models you've got:  The Rail Gunners you've got are 2*SS (probably loaded up to 2.5 to 3SS) each (you've got two), the cavalry unit you have is 4SS, the Crow Runners unit is 6SS and the Mehal units are 9SS each.  (I keep forgetting how expensive these are.). And the Dreadnought is 7SS (really 10-12SS with the expected load out of assets).  And you got three copies of the 1SS adjunct models.  

If you put down everything that you have for Abyssinia right now, I think that adds up to 52SS before additional upgrades.  But each commander ends up with 3 or 4SS worth of assets on them, the Titan is going to get 3-5SS of assets on it, and I feel squeamish if I don't have Tough on my Rail Gunners, so you'd end up leaving out stuff if you tried to play a two commander game with what you have.

I think one units of Sahari, one unit of Crow Runners as half of your points, the cavalry squad, two rail gunners and the titan, is kind of a slow moving force.  The way I usually play other games (I don't have much experience with this one yet) would bias me towards two units of Crow Runners (so you'd need another one), possibly another unit of cavalry, and a pair of motorcycles.  


For Gibbering Hordes, I think you start out with enough Devouring Eel and Egg markers that you don't need to get any of those for a while.

And I don't know enough about King's Empire or Cult of the Burning Man to make recommendations.

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5 hours ago, acseric said:

Thanks for the information.  So, what would I need to add to each faction for 2 commander games? Is there a box or figures that I can add to each faction to open up my options?

Strictly speaking you have enough to field 4 forces, each containing 2 commanders.

So you can play a 2 commander game at the moment with each faction, its just that you will be forced to select almost everything you have for that faction to get there. As Solkan shows you probably have about 60 script of options (including upgrades) and only 50 script to spend for each faction. more figures you own the more options you have, but I would suggest playing a few games with what you have and decide on how you want to use that force, and once you've done that you will probably have a better idea on what direction to expand each faction.

The cheapest significant increase in options you can get at the moment is the duel faction commanders, because they will allow factions access to models from the other faction, but that will only work (as a significant increase)  if you're playing an Earth faction vs a Malifaux faction (or you're playing someone who has their own collection) otherwise you have both players trying to hire the same units.

So there are about 4 units for each faction you don't own and I don't know the game well enough to say what units you might want multiple of. There are certainly some lists that will use multiple of the same unit,



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My recommendation is to get a copy or two of the "other" single model fireteam per faction. For this I'd mean the Immolated Rhino, the Devouring Eel, the Marauders, and the Artillery Team. The Eel replicates, but it does come with tokens so you might be able to scoot around with just 1. Each of these is cheap enough for padding an awkward list, or if doubled up, is basically an independent unit. They're also extremely potent when used correctly, however, they can suffer due to the single wound and lack of actions. The Artillery comes with multiple wounds I believe, but is inflexible. The Rhino is devastating and a nightmare to deal with. The Marauders as stated are fast in a normally slow faction, and great for objective running. The Eel... does eel things and is generally all about it's single target damage.

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