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Schemes & Stones - Lore of The Other Side Part 1

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Great show!  Can't wait till I get back in the same country as my book! (It came about 5 days after I left :(). Looking forward to the Malifaux side of things!

Really loving this little Lore series as well. Great stuff!

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Thanks a lot for this show.

There is even more depth to the fluff of TOS than I expected. Is there a world map in the book showing the borders of all the world countries (or at least the main ones)?

I will definitely grab the rulebook once it is out in .pdf format (I mean the book with fluff in it). The only small disappointment is that the Guild Fluff Portion of the book was already provided in Above the Law (TTB).

I may even play TOS once the French faction is out (I know it will be out one day :p).

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