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Any news on promos?

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"We are not doing any LGS promotions in Q1 of 2018, but they will return later in the year."

Pretty much every time I go to the Wyrd website I check out the Where to Buy and Promotions tab and I still look forward to the day when this is restarted. I had the benefit a couple of times, and it always felt like Wyrd was giving a little back to those that invested time in their products. As the year is rounding out, I think it is safe to presume that "later in the year" is not the year 2018, but I hope that they do attempt to bring their promos back on line. Now don't get me wrong, I'm posting this as a compliment to Wyrd's previous practice. I think this was a valuable way to keep people coming back, and a good way to promote consistent sales. Has there been any recent mention of the promos coming back?

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