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Culting it up


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So I'm primed to start fire in the sky with my TTB group, and one of my players decided to take one of his manifested powers to give himself burning blood. Think black blood, but with fire. Dude is somewhat obsessed with burning things.

I'd like to try to worm the burning man's influence into him considering his natural affinity towards fire, and could use some tips on how to approach it, as he might be resistant to going mad outright. Naturally I won't force him to join up, but I want to make the idea seem adequately tempting to him. 

My first step is going to be arbitrarily separating him from the group on the train ride to San Francisco and dumping a copy of the Contiones next to him. What I'm looking for is ways to represent the burning man trying to enter his mind without it feeling forced. I'd rather use a chisel than a hammer, and any ideas to that end are welcome. 

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Instead of being quite so blunt as dropping a copy of the Contiones next to him, I would take some time and play up the sidewalk preachers in San Francisco at the start of the adventure. Maybe have one of them recognize him as being "blessed" by the Burning Man as awe-struck worshipers gather around him to touch his clothing and ask for his blessing. Maybe even have a session focused on the player helping the cult deal with the government, which is trying to clear them out of the town and oppress their religious beliefs.

That way, it gets the player invested with the Burning Man and his cult in a more organic manner.

Plus, it ties into the cult on the mountain rather well, emphasizing that there's really not guiding ethos in place for the cult and that each little pocket of worshipers is making stuff up as they go.

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