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Marcus at the crossroads


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Hello and welcome to my report for the UK Nationals.

I’ve not played any GG2018 this year, so I wasn’t expecting to challenge the top tables. (Not sure I’d ever say I’ve done that, but I’ve got close) so I have decided to give myself a crew building challenge this year. I contemplated the 7 masters approach, but that’s not really all that strange for me (I think I used 6 different masters the last 2 nationals I played at)so I need something more.  (plus I’d have to decide which one to drop).

Iron Piglet seemed to be a good choice to go for, playing fixed master but never using the same miniature more than once. But I wanted a slightly larger twist on it. I looked carefully through the lists, and once I realised I couldn’t hire 7 different pigs for Marcus (I got to 5 and a hog whisperer), I came up with another idea. The crossroads 7. There are conveniently 7 of them, meaning I get to use each one exactly once in a game. They are very under used models, and they may surprise my opponent. They do come with the downside that they almost all have their own aura that kicks off when something happens, and I’m bad at keeping track of that kind of thing, but it seems like it might be worth a try.

So here we go, the whistle stop tour of Marcus at the crossroads, an experiment into some truly crazy lists.


I'm going to post 1 game a topic to try and make it a little more readable, so I'm reserving the next few posts. I hope to get the games posted up here by the middle of the week.


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Game 1 Interference Vs Sommer (Bartek)

Marcus (Arcane reservoir, Trail of the gods, imbued energies)



Cassandra, Imbued energies, Imbued protection

Dawn serpent

Captain, Patrons Blessing, Imbued energies

Selected Punish the weak and Undercover entourage on Cassandra


Sommer was a summoning list with 2 skeetars, Francois, Merris, lightening bugs and slop haulers, survivers and bayou gremlins in some number . (Undercover entourage sommer and set up)


Turn 1 saw 3 new gremlins and some pushes. Pride and the captain went one way, Marcus was in the middle and the dawn serpent, Jackolope and Cassandra went on the other side.


Turn 2 Francois charged Marcus but didn’t kill him and died in return. . A skeetar engaged the dawn serpent to stop it, but the dawn serpent Was able to kill it. The captain was able to kill the other skeetar, but then Sommer and several Gremlin models went and set up the captain

Cassandra killed merris with a red joker on a damage flip.

1 Strat point each, punish the weak for Marcus, 3 set up points for Sommer (2-4)


Turn 3, Marcus got into the gremlins and killed a couple. Pride and captain held up sommer, and cassandra got into the models on the other flank with the aid of the Jackalope. 

Both sides ended up tied on 2 quarters and winning 1 so no strat points. Punish the weak points for Marcus again. (3-4)


Turn 4 Somme made a break but ended up in a place where the dawn serpent could block him from the deployment. Marcus killed off the rest of the bayou, and pride died. Cassanndra got blast damage on her shot to cull the crowd on her side and then allowed the jackalope to hold them up whilst she score the quarter.



Turn 5 Cassandra walked into the deployment zone. Sommer couldn’t reach my half to score thanks to the high disengaging strike score the Dawn serpent has. Gremlins don’t have enough models to score Interference

End score 9-4

I was surprised at how easy this game seemed. There was not very much pressure on my half of the table at all, and a large number of the gremlin forces seemed to have just hid. I didn’t loss a model until Pride finally fell in turn 4, and whilst the numbers advantage was used to score set up, it didn’t help with much else.  I think I forgot to allow for Marcus’ cache when I built the crew , so I was slightly underforced as well.




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Game 2

Marcus (Arcane Reservoir , Imbued Energies, Trail of the Gods)



Boris –dancing bear

Wind gamin

Cerberus (Imbued energies)


Soulstone Miner

(Guarded treasure and hold up their forces)


Sonnis, Frank, Papa loco, Investigator, brutal effigy Grimwell, watcher.

(Guarded treasure and take prisoner Wind Gamin)


Boris pushed the wagon 6”, but missed the centre line. Sonnia was set up by Grimwell, papa and frank, so I sent Marcus into her to hurt her, engage her and Frank and turned them both into beasts. Unfortunately I didn’t read the investigator properly, and she dropped a scheme marker to push Marcus away. Sonnias managed to then almost kill Marcus.

Raptor reappeared engaging Sonnia and blocking LOS to Marcus.

Turn 2 Sonnia burnt 2 expert sleuths, and won initiative. She went first and was able to kill Marcus and remove 3 headed from the Cerberus. Cerberus is still able to kill her thanks to several high tomes on the attack. Frank killed the Cerberus. I think I forgot to draw cards from Marcus’ death.

Boris got stuck on severe terrain and was not able to push the wagon over the line. Greed dropped a marker as did the canine remains, but re-reading guarded treasure I couldn’t score it anymore.

Wind gamin managed to hit papa loco fairly hard.


Turn 3 Boris pushes the wagon over  the line. Grimwell and the miner bounce of each other and the canine remains comes over to help.

Just after Greed goes, and nearly kills the investigator I remember her aura. I do score hold up. Guild get guarded treasure



Turn 4 Miner kills grimwell and goes for the melee around the supply wagon. Everyone leaves greeds aura, and Francisio flurries and just manages to kill her before her aura kills him. I misremember how far I push with a 30 mm base so don’t push Sonnias wagon out of scoring with the wind gamin (It was just over 1 “ across the line, and the Gamin could have lept to get the push, but I thought 30 mm only push 1” for some unknown reason.  I also didn’t use the gamin to kill papa instead moving for a hold up option with possibilities to push the wagon next turn.

The investigator gets a marker dropped for frank and the watcher gets the marker for Papa.

Turn 5 saw frank die, but papa lived and moved to take wind gamin prisoner.

5-9 (3 wagon 2 hold up 0 treasure) (4 wagon, 2 treasure, 3 prisoner)



I made a few major mistakes in this game based on not knowing Gaining grounds well enough. Guarded treasure was not the scheme top pick with this list, and canine remains, wind gamin and soulstone miners are not the models to try and do it with.

I also spent a while in turn 4 working out if I could push the wagon back over the line, but thought I could only push 1” so didn’t.  I also chose not to kill papa with my wind gamin, which allowed him to score Guarded treasure and then also Take prisoner.  I don’t think these would have changed the result, but they would have made it a little closer.  Gjalt also pointed out I probably shouldn’t have passed across the attack from Marcus to the raptor, as It would then have made him choose who to blast rather than easily lay the markers in a line to hit Marcus and the Cerberus.

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Game 3 Vs Collodi (Luke)


Symbols of Authority, Corner, Punish the weak, Dig their graves, Inescapable trap, Vendetta, Public demonstration


Marcus (Arcane Reservoir, domain of the gods, Imbued Energies)




December acolyte

War wabbit



(Public demonstration Silurid, war rabit, Decembers acolyte)(take prisoner brutal effigy?!?)


Collodi, hinamatsu, 3 stiched, brutal effigy, arcane effigy, 4 Marionettes.

Turn 1 Collodi managed to take control of Silurid and December acolyte,


Turn 2 Collodi kills silurid. War wabbit charges into Collodi, but he escapes. Hinamtsu then just manages to kill war rabbit in her 5 attacks including a red joker for damage.  Gupps pops a symbol, but the stiched manage to kill it (Gamble).

Marcus charges and kills 1 stiched, and then charges the next stiched. Stiched move in and gamble his life a lot despite Df7, and win 3 of the next 4 duels to put him on 1 wound.  Sloth moves up but forgets to heal Marcus. The acolyte is near enough to score Public demonstration after colloid uses its only move to walk towards Hinamatsu. (I moved all my models out of range for it). Luke scores public demonstration (I can’t remember what with)


Turn 3

Collodi win initiative and uses stiched to gamble Marcus 2 more times to kill him.

A Marionette makes a run for a symbol, but the performer lures it back.  The acolyte gets killed.

Sloth gets killed


Turn 4 the performer dies to Hinamatsu, and a Marionette makes it to a symbol to remove it. 


Turn 5 sees the last 2 of Collodis symbols removed.

2-9 ( 1 symbols, 1 Public demonstration, 0 take prisoner) (3 symbols, 3 punish, 3 public demonstration)



Collodi and stiched are one of my greatest weaknesses. I really don’t have a good answer to them most of the time. Not taking anything away from luke, who made good use of them, and played a tight game with good control of the actions.  I don’t know why I tried to take a scheme that didn’t exist, but it certainly didn’t make a difference to the outcome as I never got anywhere near scoring it.

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Game 4 VS Viks (Dan)

Public executions, Standard, Eliminate the leadership, inescapable trap, take prisoner, Take one for the team


Marcus (Feral,

Cojo (pack leader)


Wrath (imbued protection)



Hoarcat pride


Viks, Killjoy, Rusty Alyce (Abomination summoning upgrade),Convict Gunslinger ,(return fire),Abomination, malifaux child


The Viks were fairly cautious, and Marcus had deployed fairly spread, so he spent the first turn closing up. Alyce created some scrap on turn 1. Kudra blocks the convicts LOS with a large forest

Turn 2

Alyce created an abomination, and Wrath choose to Charge into the 2 abominations, killing 1. He decided not to use his aura of extra damage when there are still 2 Viks about.

Kudra moves the forest to block off Alyce and the viks going for the bulk of the crew.

Blood then managed to get at Wrath and kills him.  Ash kills the Hoiarcats I think.

Sow charges Vik of Ash, but doesn’t kill her.  Abomination goes up to Marcus to deny him suits

Marcus managed to kill the second abomination and killjoy appears. Killjoy hits Marcus, but not a lot.

Turn 3

Marcus wins initiative, activates first and Laws of Meat Killjoy. The failed wp duel allows him to attack killjoy, the Sow to attack and Kill Vik of Ash and Cojo to attack the convict gunslinger, who triggers return fire and then triggers onslaught to badly injure Cojo.

Blood comes in and kills Cojo. Kudra kills Blood but die


Turn 4  

Marcus wins initiative, Law of meat on Killjoy and then attacks the convict, killing it. Rusty Kills the sow, the 2 piglets set themselves to charge her. Rusty also summons another abomination.


Turn 5

Marcus can’t shift Killjoy, but then I re-read take prisoner, and realise I don’t need to kill him. Law of meat on Killjoy allows Marcus to live.

6-5 (2 public executions, 2 prisoner Alyce, 2 Take one for the team Cojo) (1 execution, 1 eliminate, 3 take one for the team Convict)



This was the last game of day 1, and I had lost a lot of the will to write notes. I’m now writing 10 days later and can’t remember what the Rogarou did, when exactly things died for the public execution scores, and even everything the Viks had in their crew. Sorry for the poor summary.

I think the rogarou managed to push a few models in turn 2 with its 0, but it didn’t live long after that I think.

The game was tense for me until the last turn when I realised I could score 2 points for take prisoner without having to kill killjoy. I rarely used to use law of Meat, but this game seemed to be a watershed. Killjoy and alyce were able to bring Marcus to half wounds, but not get him any further. 

Taking Wrath into the Viks was not a good idea. It meant that I couldn’t make the most of my bonus ml damage, (I took Kudra because she gets 4 attacks on the charge, which makes Wraths Aura a lot better, but I never got the aura up, and she never actually charged anyway)

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Game 5

Game 5 Extraction vs Wong (AJ) Extraction Close deployment Surround them, Hold up their forces Show of force, Search the ruins, Take one for the team


Marcus poison list




Myranda (Imbued Energies)



 poison gamin.


Vs Wong, Sammy, 2 swine cursed, McTavish, Old Cranky, Bokor

I lost the deployment flip and so spread my forces out. Wong deployed on 1 side away from Marcus.  We both tried to hold up activations as long as possible, but the Rattler was killed, and Lust put down to 2 wounds thanks to Wong. Myranda was able to get close enough to threaten, but then lost the ability to move. Lust moved Sammy into base contact with Myranda, and then moved the bokor to try and block the swinecursed. They both passed their slow duel. And one came up and killed Lust.

Marcus Walked up and Alpha’d Myranda, managing to get some poison on Sammy and McTavish. Sammy lived due to spending stones and was poisoned next to Myranda. A shikome managed to charge a poisoned Swine cursed as well. The last stone was spent during the end of the turn to keep Sammy alive.

Turn 2

I set it up so Sammy dies on activation, but then decided I couldn’t afford him to last that long giving all those lovely Glowy bonus’s so Myranda killed him.

The Sabateur was able to use the scheme marker set near McTavish to cause damage and burning to several of the models.  Myranda was killed at the end of the turn. 1 point each for extraction, and the model moves toward the gremlins. McTavish scores show of force.

Turn 3

Marcus’ love of Law of meat returned. McTavish was caught by it and unable to escape. Unfortuantly I foolishly hit Wong, allowing him to squeal. If he was engaged, he was probably held up, and I would score hold up their forces.  The Sabeuteur decided to try 2 shots rather than reach the extraction marker, and this ends up making me miss the Extration point. Shikome dies to Wong, scoring me take one for the team. 


Turn 4

Swine cursed runs around extraction zone dropping markers. Scorpinus tries to hold it up, but ends up dying. Marcus manages to Law of Meat McTavish and hold up his forces. The Sabeteur also dies

 Turn 5 Marcus stops McTavish, but can’t deny any more points, or score any himself. 



4-10 (1 extraction, 1 hold up, 2 Take one for the team) (full extraction, show of force search the ruins)


This was a game where I really regretted hiring a canine remains in game 2. I knew I was likely to play a poison game at some point (It looks interesting, and it’s a pretty different style that will probably throw off an un suspecting opponent. Unfortuantly AJ is a good player, and ended 14th with a 5-2 result. ) I also had no concentrated threat to deal with his gun line with strong ml support.

AJ didn’t expect Sammy to get attacked so badly, but I dislike Glowy, so want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, relying on Poison as a way to kill her means it ended up on activation, so I spent attacks killing a model that was already dead just to get rid of the effects of the upgrade earlier.

My hope of the gaming having a large brawl in the middle that I can maximise my poison effects just didn’t happen. By the end of the game I couldn’t get much poison out and it wasn’t having a huge effect. The loss of Myranda was at a time when I hoped for her to survive another turn before she transformed, but the damage from multiple Wong attacks was just too much to stone away. Losing the Rattler and Lust on the first turn really put me on the back foot, and those probably would have got me at least a couple more extraction points in later turns, but overall I didn’t have a solid game plan with enough alternatives to keep me working when plan A failed. (As it did at deployment if I’m honest)

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Game 6

Vs Dreamer Kevin – Ours Flank deployment , Guarded Treasure, Covert Breakthrough, Set up, Undercover entourage, inescapable trap


Marcus  (Wicked and Armour upgrade)


Steampunk arachnid


Blessed of December – Well rehersed.

Union Miner



Dreamer (growing up)

2 teddies 2 stiched, Copellius, Day dream.


Turn 1 saw Coppelius head out on 1 flank, and a spider droped a scheme marker nearby to allow the moleman to charge him. The day dreams pushed teddies and stiched around, and came up to cause trouble. A teddy came to join Coppelius, and Marcus charged him, and managed to hurt him, but not kill him. Marcus also beasted Coppelius. The Blessed was pushed about a lot thanks to dropping scheme markers and was able to charge Teddy, but failed to kill him.  Envy decided to shoot a stiched and put it on 1 wound.


Turn 2 I lost Initiative, and suffered a teddy going first onto Marcus. I passed 2 attacks onto the moleman, killing it, when I probably ought to have passed one to the blessed.  The Blessed lept and killed the stiched. (I really hate those, Teddy ought to die to something…)

Chompy showed up and killed the blessed. Marcus cast Law of Meat on Copplius and turned him into a beast.  Envy got shot into combat, but failed to kill Teddy. The Spider killed Copellius at the end of the turn once Marcus no longer needed to pass across attacks.

I score Ours.


Turn 3

Chompy won initiative, and went first,. Badly hurting Marcus, but not killing him. He truned into Dreamer who also pummled Marcus and then summoned a new chompy.  Marcus Killed Teddy, and Law of Meated Chompy.

Meanwhile the other teddy was causing havoc on the other flank, chasing the union miner about, and killed the jackolope. But the reduced actions meant that I got the final reactions as was able to prevent him scoring ours. The stiched managed to drop to 1 wound when it gambled against the arcane, and then died on its re-activate.

I score ours and inescapable trap.

Turn 4

Marcus laws of meat Chompy again.

Firestarter dashes to the enemy deployment zone, to be safe from everything. Chompy realised that Marcus is wicked. Marcus is the only model engaging him. Chompy walks twice, suffers weak damage twice )I can’t do anything to stop it short of just letting him leave), and then ends his activation inside the wolverine aura, so dies.  Dreamer escapes to reach the deployment zone.


Turn 5

Dreamer drops some markers for Covert breakthrough, and survives with enough wounds to full score on undercover enourage. (Despite severe from Envy, Incorporial, the extra wounds from cricket bat and healing from unburying just can’t be stopped.

Teddy tries to deny me a point but fails, and ends up giving me a Trap point. Does get him the ours point.

End score 8-7 (Ours 4, 2 entourage, 2 Trap) (Ours 2, Breakthrough 2 undercover enourage 3).

For a game where I felt I was in control for most of it, (well turns 3 and 4)  I only won due to a last minute mistake. I can’t remember what Marcus did turn 5, but I don’t think he could have taken a breakthrough marker. I’m not sure.  The game wen tout of control when I was forced to kill an otherwise useless chompy with my wicked attacks. I should not have kept the wolverine up, but hadn’t thought it through.  I think I was still stuck in the mind sence that what I want is to tie up models and let them hurt themselves around Marcus.

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Game 7 Vs Viks (Westlee)

Ply for information Standard Surround them, Covert Breakthrough, Hold up their forces, Search the ruins

Marcus, (Arcane reservoir, trail of the Gods)

Ferdinand Vogel

Shastar Vidiya Guard, (well rehersed)

Rail worker

Large steam punk arachnid

Steam fitter



Viks (survivalist on Ash, bury and Mark of Shesuul on Blood)

Malifaux child

Marlene Webster

Scion of the void

Nothing beast

2 void wretches



Crew was picked to give me easy access to positive Damage flips. I regretted using Envy in the last game now, because this is a game all about interacting, so its relatively easy to bypass Gluttony’s aura. Oh well.

Turn 1

Vik of Blood started buried. Marlene tethered Vik and moved up. Child cast Sisters in Fury.

Mean while the Rail worker dropped a marker in 1 corner and moved up, the steam fitter did it in the other corner and The large arachnid walked up the middle and Glutony Dropped a Marker near him ready for next turn. The Guard and Vogel also moved up near the steam fitter and gave me extra cards.

Marcus decided to charge up, using Ferdinand as the first Charge point,  successfully missing with both attacks. He then Charged Marlene, getting some damage on her, and her tunred into a beast. For his Final AP he dropped Law of Meat on the Vik of Ash.  The Scion moved up, past Marcus and Dropped Blood into engagement with the steam fitter, Vogel and the Guard.  In the end Blood couldn’t kill any of them, but did leave them all on low health.


Turn 2

Vogel Turned into the beast  within, and managed to Kill Blood thanks to a red joker on the damage.  Ash went into Marcus, but he survived her attacks. Marcus went, Plyed for information and Turned Marlena and Ash into beasts. Nothing Beast attacked Marcus via WP, but was not able to kill him thanks to my stones. The Guard attacked Scion, who buried. Glutony and the spider went dropping markers in the middle, the steam fitter and rail worked moved up either side.

Marlena dropped the scion intio Marcus who focused and I forgot to stone Marcus resistance flip to give that extra negative for damage, so the scion managed to cheat in a severe and  kill Marcus at the end of the turn, denying 2 points for me (1 for ply and 1 for hold up). If I was thinking I should have plied the scion before I attacked it.

Turn 3

The steam fitter charged into combat, doing more damage to Marlene, but giving the Viks a Ply target.

Gluttony tried plying a void wretch, but it wasn;’t enough. The beast within tried to kill Vik, but it just did more to Marlene and he healed past her hard to kill again. The Large Arachnid ate a scheme marker and charged the nothing beast.I managed to remove its Ply, but he lived, and was able hurt me.

Ply for Viks, hold up for Marcus

Turn 4

A void wretch made a run for Marcus’s deployment zone and dropped a scheme. The Guard tried to stop it, having passed plenty of damage around with its Chakara attack last turn, but it was still alive.


Viks killed the beast and the spider


Turn 5

Void wretch and Scion manage to complete breakthrough.

Vik tries to kill the guard, but hard to kill and then well rehersed keep him alive.

He unfortuantly isn’t quite close enough to drop a third marker in the scoring region for search, after the spider ate one in turn 3.

Gluttony managed to discard a vik marker for search, ply the nothing beast and also make it remove freshly dropped markers, but couldn’t get a third down. The rail worker used its (0) action to remove the ply from the nothing beast, killing it as well, but wasn’t in a place that it could drop another marker.


The death of Marcus was my biggest mistake. He would have lived from the weak damage of the Scion. I was already suffering a little from the number of Wp attacks the crew had to completely bypass my df trigger. I also could have had fun if the Guard had moved near enough to use well rehersed on Marcus, but I didn’t think of it until the guard had to use it on himself. (I’m not sure how many of the deaths it could have stopped, but I didn’t even think to check for the first 4 turns).

I dropped so many markers but I didn’t keep an eye on how many would score, so I should have been a little more careful and scored search the ruins.

Charging into combat was not so good here, as it allowed several models to get Ply going. This is another one of those learnings that I think needs you to have played it to see.  The death of Blood with no kills to her name was unlucky, and Westlee did well to seemingly shrug it off.

Survivalist and tethered is a tough combination to get past!

Gluttony actually did better than expected, and I even used the aura on a void wretch and the nothing beast. (well he discarded cards which pumped his df, but it was a start). He denied search to the Viks thanks to his 0, and his condition basically stopped any last chance attempts to complete it.

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Firstly I would like to thank David and Kai for the work they did in organising the event. I thought the whole thing ran smoothly, the venue was great with plenty of space.

I'd like to thank my opponents, I had 7 games that I enjoyed taking part in, even when things didn't go well for me. I don't think I had any problems during my games that we couldn't sort out with a simple conversation.

I'd also like to thank everyone that showed up. The atmosphere of the event was nice. Everyone seemed to be having fun in their games. The social atmosphere was nice, and people were certainly happy to help others, and offer advice/models. (I offered my round 6 opponent 2 more teddies for round 7. He only borrowed one in the end, but had fun throwing 3 teddies at someone. I guess I ought to apologise to that person).

Turning up to events is a chance to meet and play different people, so I would recommend people coming to them for the social aspect. You might lose lots of games, but its a good way to learn.


My Challenge.

Well I didn't end on a positive win/loss ration. I generally failed to make use of any of the crossroad seven stuff. I still forgot to use each aura more than I used it. I didn't always plan ahead well enough in crew selection. I really wanted a canine remains in the poison game, but I'd foolishly already used it.

That said I did get through 7 games without repeating a model (other than Master and Totem). I did enjoy using models I don't always use, and it probably did me good to not use the Cerberus and/or the Blessed in each game. It certainly made me think more, and not have that safety net. I also failed to use some of the other arcanist "auto includes", so there was no Joss, Howard, Carlos or Angelica used to name a few.

I enjoyed using the crossroads 7, but still need more practise with them. They do need you to pay attention to them to remember what they do, and know when you want to make use out of them. I was shocked to start the event out with a win, especially using pride, who is probably one of the lesser rated members. I also won with Envy and wrath, but I'd be hard pushed to say they were instrumental to the win. Gluttony was probably my surprise success, almost scoring me a win, which my own stupidity throw away (I ate the third scheme marker in the search the ruins zone to give my arachnid :+flipand never quite got around to placing another one.)

All in all I still really like the challenge of Malifaux in building a list to meet the goals. Knowing what you can hire and how to use it is critical to that style.


I would certainly consider doing something similar in the future. This exact thing might be harder to do in the new edition with the theme hiring, but I am the sort of player that will happily hire out of theme if the model is fit for my purpose.


Edit - Forgot to add that every game completed 5 turns with at least 10 minutes spare. Some had up to 1/2 hour. I think my first game was the only one still playing when we got told not to start another turn (much to the sommer players disappointment when he asked if we were going to turn 6...)



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Would you mind reformating the first two posts by just copying and pasting with the default disposition? THey're very difficult to view.


Nice to see some Marcus! It's always tricky to play when you are unfamiliar with the schemes. I've heard a lot of people state that gg18 can be difficult to get into.

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On ‎11‎/‎22‎/‎2018 at 2:08 AM, touchdown said:

This wouldn't have mattered. The scion's ability is targeted by any enemy action and it makes it fail.

Cheers, it had been a while since I looked at her rules. 

Not sure what would have worked best then. Should I have left it there or was burying it a good choice? Probably burying was good, but if I could have stalled a little longer it might have been better (depends how long the Viks could have held up their Marlene activation I suppose, since anyone else that could have got it back in the fight with Marcus spent their AP trying to hit Marcus and was able to target his wp).

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