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Serena Bowman Rules Query

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Hi all! I recently picked up Serena Bowman and had a rules question regarding her 'Always comes back around' ability. 

It states 'if this model is killed or sacrificed, at the end of the turn, summon Serena Bowman'

How does this interact with conditions that deal damage at the end of the turn.


Serena dies of burning. 

Does she

A. Summon back immediately

B. come back at the end of the NEXT turn 

Or the unlikely C. Not come back.

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A new Serena would be summoned immediately. Note that it is a new model with the same name but if they had a scheme to kill her they will have succeeded and if you had her for entourage or something the newly summoned one can't score. Summoned models also don't carry any upgrades.

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13 minutes ago, CustardBomb said:

Thankyou very much for clarifying! 


Big help as we got into that talk pretty quickly since my main opponent plays Kaeris

The reason if you need to justify it is that abilities are always active and Serena's ability doesn't say she comes back in the next end phase. In a very unlikely event of multiple models that deal damage when they die she could potentially come back several times in the same end phase.

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