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Uk Masters 2019 + Side Events (19th/20th Jan)

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Yes you can mate just book a holiday to Rome the following weekend 😉

My wonderful wife has given me a pass so “I will go to the ball”  Luke Cocksedge 

Just paid my entry for the Sunday event - Carl Lee

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On 11/26/2018 at 10:26 PM, Clousseau said:

This is who will be competing for the UK Masters 2018 title over the weekend. Still waiting for a couple of confirmations;

  1. Jamie Varney
  2. George Hollingdale
  3. Lewis Phillips
  4. Matt Lewin
  5. Ollie Hedges
  6. Lukas Rozanski
  7. Paul Butler
  8. Josh Leak
  9. AJ Barr
  10. Jamie Clark
  11. Luke Cocksedge
  12. Karl McConnell
  13. Dave Laing
  14. John Burgess (TBC)
  15. Greg Piskosz (TBC)
  16. Alyx Drake

We're looking into having the traditional live draw in early December, probably via Twitch.TV.

Have John and Greg confirmed yet? Hanging in to see if I get a chance 😂

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13 hours ago, Bzerk_Rampage said:

Seems to be massive inconsistencies with paypal, please try any of these:





Sent mine to cgoff101. Cheers.

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This is the Masters draw;

Pool 1
Jamie Varney
Jamie Clark
A J Barr
Alyx Drake

Pool 2
George Hollingdale
Ollie Hedges
Lukas Rozanski
Dave Laing

Pool 3
Lewis Phillips
Paul Butler
Josh Leak
John Burgess

Pool 4
Matt Lewin
Karl McConnell
Luke Cocksedge
Richard Matthews


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First post updated with attendees for EA & LOEH. Numbers aren't great so far, but I know lots of people have said they are coming, so get your tickets ASAP and reduce Oz's stress levels! 

Gentle reminder to Masters to pay your £10 to cover lunch both days.

Prize support has arrived from Wyrd, but will depend on numbers. I did manage to blag an alt. Reva for the raffle though.

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